The BEST sales process for your business in 5 steps.

{Summary below} In this article I’ll show you step-by-step how to determine the best sales process for your business. A lot of women entrepreneurs don’t have a sales process in place and they just allow things to run the way they run. And because of that they might leave money on the table and are…

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Here’s How to Create GREAT Lead Magnets.

Are you collecting email adresses of your website visitors? Stick to these 5 principles for creating great lead magnets and get dramatically BETTER leads! A marketing process running The first thing I check out when I start working with a new client is whether they have a FREE OFFER on their website. It tells me…

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Marketing paralysis: 4 steps to end it NOW.

Marketing paralysis. It shows up unexpectedly. And especially in times like these, where EVERYTHING is confusing. One day you wake up and you find yourself overwhelmed by all those exciting ideas you’ve got buzzing in your head, all the plans of things-that-might-work and the related endless to-do’s. Where to start? What to do first? What…

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How I’ve been preparing for the crisis.

{video 10min} Vitamine C…sold out. Paracetamol…sold out. Toilet paper…sold out. Our world is definitely in a crisis. And we see the consequences showing up everywhere. In my city, in Amsterdam, at our local supermarket around the corner. At the online drugstore where I do my shopping. The thing is We’re all getting a bit nervous.…

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How to decide on your pricing (and avoid undercharging)

{video 8min} Have you ever struggled in deciding what to charge for your products or services? Like you’re thinking, “Okay, should I charge 495 (EUR/USD) or should I charge 1,997?” Well, if you have, keep watching. Because I have this really valuable tip for you. One that will make a world of difference the next…

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How to use ‘calls-to-action’: Here’s 3 mistakes to avoid.

{video 6min} – Do you want to have more people taking action on the things you offer? Well, you’re going to need to know how to use Calls-To-Action… the right one, in the right way. So there are several reasons why landings pages or sales pages or emails or business cards for that matter aren’t generating…

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Organizing your knowledge into a system

  Here’s a little story about my mom. Or actually about her cake. So my mom used to make cake. And her cake really had a reputation in our family. The cake was known as “failed cake”. Like, when people visited us and they were asked if they wanted cake, people inquired politely “Failed cake?” “Eh…

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Don’t hold back in your Marketing

The most common objection I hear from women entrepreneurs that stops them from reaching out to prospects and potential clients is: “I don’t want to be intrusive”. We are afraid that people look at us as the sleazy, hidden-agenda-types of persons. You know, with the fake and phoney “just-buy-my-stuff” smile…  If they would look at us…

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The 1 Marketing rule that gets you sales

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out in your business, we’ve all been hearing that we have to be specific in stead of vague in our Marketing. That’s the 1 Marketing rule that’s really undebated. But what does ‘specific’ entails really? How specific should we be to get our Marketing content drive…

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The 10-step Marketing Plan that is too simple

This weekend I was in a 2-days Conference in Macedonia. A room full of powerful professional and business women from 3 countries in the Balkan and The Netherlands together. And I was a keynote speaker. I felt honored and super excited, ofcourse. But you know what happens when I tell people that I’m a Marketing…

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