How to decide on your pricing (and avoid undercharging)

{video 8min} Have you ever struggled in deciding what to charge for your products or services? Like you’re thinking, “Okay, should I charge 495 (EUR/USD) or should I charge 1,997?”

Well, if you have, keep watching. Because I have this really valuable tip for you. One that will make a world of difference the next time you’re setting your price points.


First a story…

I’d like to start with a story that happened not so long ago. So I have this garden, and in my garden was this huge, huge wasps’ nest. And in blind panic, I started Googling for some pest control agencies. You know, the companies that could help me get rid of the wasps. So, a lot of those companies could help me within 48 hours, but there was only one company that said, “We’ll be there in 30 minutes.”

So I called them, and they helped me. And it took them literally five minutes to investigate that wasps’ nest, to spray some icky white stuff on it, and to collect my money, and then go away again.

Five minutes!

And I paid, I don’t know, $100 or something.100 Euros. And that’s a lot for five minutes, I can tell you. But was it worth it? It was worth every penny of it.

(By the way, I apologize for killing those wasps,but I have my girl playing in the garden, and they were really nasty.)

Anyway, but what’s difference between asking $100 for five minutes or, let’s say, a dime, 10 cents for five minutes? Or 495 USD /EUR or 5,000 USD/EUR for that matter?

I’ll tell you about it.


The importance of pricing as part of Marketing

But first of all, you’d want to understand why pricing and your entire pricing model is important to your marketing.

  1. It determines your income 

Well for one, it’s important because it determines how much you make, right?And not only in terms of revenue, but also in terms of profit.

And there’s this funny thing that we women entrepreneurs “forget” about profit, you know, the bottom line figure. You can have revenue coming in, but you might not make any profit. So always keep your eye on profit cause it’s really, really important to your business. In fact, profitability is the hallmark of a successful business.

2. It determines how you position and market your offer

And second, it largely determines how you position your offer, meaning how you want the value being seen in the heads of your prospects. You know, it determines how you market your products and services, it determines how you communicate about it, and how it is perceived by your audience in a larger context against your competitors or other alternatives.


Be strategic about your pricing and pricing model

So, you always want to be strategic about your pricing. And don’t come up with just any number. Because if you choose just any number, you might not generating the most money you could make. Be aware of your cost margins. Be aware of the psychological effects the heights of your pricing have.



So about pricing. Often I hear women entrepreneurs saying, “Well I’m not getting paid for what I’m worth.” Or, “Well, I’m only charging this, but actually, I should be charging that.”

So to my opinion, if you’re not getting paid for what you’re worth, there are three possible reasons for that.

  1. You’re not asking what you’re worth. 

I see that so often. Women tell me, “I’m charging this, but I should be charging that.” Well this has a lot to do with mindset, our limiting beliefs, our self-esteem, our self confidence. But you know, you never get paid for what you’re worth if you’re not asking that price  that you think you’re worth in the first place!

Right? So that is one reason.

2. People don’t know what you’re worth!

If f that’s the case, you have a huge… marketing problem! But with any problem, you know, this can be solved. But it’s about your marketing. And you have to be committed to work on that. On your compelling messages, on your entire communication of who you and your brand are, what your product is, and what really your value is. Work on your Marketing, and your entire valuation will increase.

3. You’re possibly not worth as much as you believe.

And that is all about the alternatives people have. Other alternatives. Cheaper alternatives. And don’t get me wrong. A cheaper alternative is also not buying at all. People have this option: working with you or buying from you, or not buying. They keep their money in their pocket.


The secret that solves the pricing dilemma

So here’s my tip on determining the price point for your products and services and getting paid for your value.

The secret lies in understanding the cost of not buying or working with you.

Let me explain: In the example of the wasp nest why did I want to pay $100 for just five minutes of work? Because I had a huge problem that I wanted to get solved now. It was really a ‘rather sooner than later situation’ for me. And that company really understood my need.

That’s what I mean with understanding the cost of not buying or working with you and the value of it.


Another example: I have this cool MarketingSprint program that I run a few times a year, where I teach you a system that is designed to get you at least one high-paying client within 30 days.

Now what is the lifetime value of that one client worth for you? 5,000 USD/EUR? 15,000 USD/EUR, maybe even more?? And if you know how to get 1 client with that system, would you be able to get 2, 3 or more clients using that same system the next 30, 60, 90 days? I think so!! Well, paying 1,500 USD/EUR for that marketingprogram would be a bargain for you. Because look at what it would cost you if you didn’t join the program: You’d miss out on possible revenue, your impact wouldn’t increase, your self-confidence might get in stake if you’d struggle any longer etc.

You see, knowing the cost of not working with you will help you solve your pricing dilemma.



So, I have some questions for you. It’s like an exercise. Four questions. Write down:

  1. What is the burning problem of my prospective client?
  2. What is solving that problem for my client worth to my prospective client?
  3. And what price point would reflect, you know, the value of that to your prospective client?
  4. And four, how can you make that clear in a compelling way?

So that’s how you do it. Deciding strategically on your pricing. That’s marketing. I’m talking about value-based pricing here. Master this, and you will never second guess yourself again on which price point you should charge for your products or services.

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  1. Iris on September 5, 2019 at 6:25 am

    Great video, valuable teaching. Thanks Sandra 💐😊

    • Sandra Fisser on September 5, 2019 at 6:49 am

      Thank you Iris, glad you find it valuable! 🎈 What was your biggest ‘AHA’?

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