Don’t hold back in your Marketing

The most common objection I hear from women entrepreneurs that stops them from reaching out to prospects and potential clients is: “I don’t want to be intrusive”. We are afraid that people look at us as the sleazy, hidden-agenda-types of persons. You know, with the fake and phoney “just-buy-my-stuff” smile… 

If they would look at us that way, we just would DIE ON THE SPOT.

And since we’re not ready to die yet, we decide to just leave it. Reaching out is OK, but 3 times a week Sandra?? Come on. I’m not doing that!!

Ever had a similar thought?

Well, I’m here in your emailbox to give you some good news: 

You, my dear , are NEVER fake or phoney.

And I know that, because I typically attract very authentic, loving and caring women. Women who want to give from their heart. And who want to make this world a better place. Women like you.

Those women I attract. You’re on my email list. And you DECIDED to stay. 


You tell me! Probably just because there’s something in my writing about Marketing that gets you thinking. Or you like my simple tips to just tweak your Marketing a bit.

Here’s my point: 
Your audience likes YOU.

If they didn’t, they would’ve run from your email list ages ago. And if they run, no worries. Because it just proves they weren’t the people you WOULD LIKE TO SERVE in the first place. 

So this is the mindset shift I’d like you to make:

People on your list are HAPPY to hear from you! 

Because you give them something they desire. Something that is valuable to them. 

Just keep on doing that. DON’T HOLD BACK. They will love you for it. They need you!

Please remember that when doing your Marketing campaigns: It’s OK to reach out! Multiple times. That’s how you professionalize your Marketing!

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