The 1 Marketing rule that gets you sales

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out in your business, we’ve all been hearing that we have to be specific in stead of vague in our Marketing. That’s the 1 Marketing rule that’s really undebated. But what does ‘specific’ entails really? How specific should we be to get our Marketing content drive sales?

Vagueness doesn’t sell, but specifics do. So be specific, not vague.


But here’s the pitfall: A lot of people think ‘numbers’ when they hear they need to be ‘specific’.

And what we get to see is super detailed, specific facts that sound clear and clean. And knock our socks off…supposedly.

Just a random example I came across the internet. Sounds great, right? Very specific. We read: 7, 10, 1. Clear and to the point when you’re interested in loosing weight.

But here’s the thing.

A reasonable amount of these kind of “number specifics” can help establish your credibility and believability, but the real power is in…

benefit specifics“.

Those number specifics are good, but benefit specifics will really do the work. Meaning: Getting people to actually buy our offer or service!

When it comes to converting clients, the secret to more sales is as simple as understanding consumer behavior and learning what your buyer REALLY wants from your business. That’s the Marketing rule that gets you sales.

So they need to hear benefits. Benefits formulated in terms of how or what your product or service does for them that improves their life.

>>> In the weightloss example the entrepreneur could add e.g.: “…and feel superconfident at your upcoming wedding.”

(Or any other addition for that matter that is crucial to the specific audience he/she wants to target.)

What it does is: Even when we’re not the ta rget audience for this product, we instantly see someone in a beautiful white dress, confidently walking to the isle, family and friends looking at her with admiration…

So powerful marketing that gets you sales is always built on a foundation of specific, tangible benefits and promises to your prospective client that improves her/his life that makes her/him really want what you offer.

And be aware: not just general benefits. Precise and concrete benefits which paint a vivid picture in your prospect’s minds. It needs to provoke your prospect’s different senses, they need to get the chills and feel an excitement in their body. It needs to immediately capture their imagination of how this could change things for the better for them.

Benefits that paint a vivid picture in their minds, is what drives your prospects to sigh and thinking “Oh man, that’s exactly what I need right now.”

Just remember: “detail specifics” don’t do that. Nor do vague benefits. Only specific, concrete and compelling benefits do that!

1. Write down what the specific benefits of your product/service are in terms of how they improve your client’s life
2. Check your Marketing content and there where benefits specifics are missing: add!
3. Share in the comments below your insights!

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