The BEST sales process for your business in 5 steps.

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In this article I’ll show you step-by-step how to determine the best sales process for your business. A lot of women entrepreneurs don’t have a sales process in place and they just allow things to run the way they run. And because of that they might leave money on the table and are not helping as much people as they would like to help.

Moreover, getting to that point of growing your business with higher-level marketing using paid traffic (running ads) and getting results from it is almost impossible without having a carefully designed sales process in place. 

I’m going to teach you

  1. what a sales process exactly is;
  2. how to determine the best sales process for your business in 5 steps;
  3. how to start.

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Here’s a fact: You want to sell something, you need to have a SALES process.

Now don’t immediately get turned off by the word “SALES”. I know a lot of women entrepreneurs do when they hear words like sales and selling!

But please, look at it this way: It’s just a WORD.

And don’t forget we run a BUSINESS. It’s inevitably that we have to SELL something to someone to earn some money. It’s best not to get too sensitive about it, OK.

By the way, if it makes you feel any better: I don’t like words like ‘SALES’ either! 😀

Because for starters, it always reminds me of people who don’t like talking about sales and selling. And – as a marketing coach – that doesn’t get me fired up very much.

But besides that, I think it sounds impersonal and it degenerates real people into cold numbers, if you know what I mean.

So here’s an idea: Let’s just redefine S.A.L.E.S. as an acronym for

Sending All Leads Effortless Solutions.

the best sales process for your business

“OMG I’m Sending All Leads Effortless Solutions.”

That’s cool right? I heard some guy in the industry referring to ‘sales’ like that. And for me it’s completely on point. Cause people have problems and you and I do send them effortless solutions, that improve their lives!

So just keep that in mind whenever you feel some resistance showing up. The mindset is: We all loooove S.A.L.E.S!

OK now we solved that, let’s focus on how to determine the best sales process for your particular business. Are you ready?


Let me clarify that first. A sales process is the entire set of sequential steps by which you turn someone into a client or customer.

Here are some everyday examples:

Imagine you try to get your kid into a new school:

You have to call them to find out if they take on new students, then they’ll have you make an appointment for an acquaintance meeting with the principle, they show you around, answer all of your questions, if you like what you see you have to fill out an extensive application form and then, hopefully, you get to hear your kid is in!

Sales procces: Call->Acquaintance>Application->Client

Another example: You want to have your garden renovated.

You send a gardener an email from their website, they call you back to make an appointment for a visit (you have to live in the area and you have at least a 250m2 garden), they come to your place, they make some cool suggestions like for plants and stuff, later on they send you a quotation and you get them the deal if you like it.

Sales process:  Email-> Qualifying call ->Visit -> Quotation -> Client

Right? Those are all SALES processes. And notice there’s NOTHING whatsoever icky or yucky about it. It’s purely a flow of events that are taking place one after another. But obviously those examples might not be the best sales process for your business.

If you’re trying to get clients, you need a SALES process and you have to nail the best sales process for your business FIRST. 

Yep, you need to nail the sales process FIRST, that is before you’re trying to get people interested in the thing that you offer.

Here’s why.

If you’re promoting yourself, your business or product – whether you do that by blogging, video’s, posting on LinkedIn or by paid advertising with Google and YouTube ads;

You are going to get more attention. And you’d want to monetize that attention!!

Your goal after all, is to Send All Leads Effortless Solutions. Yes, to get S.A.L.E.S.

So if you’re clear about the best SALES process for you, you can direct all that generated attention – let’s call it in marketing lingo trafficto the RIGHT place. So people will  know exactly what they should do if they’re interested. Your content becomes much more compelling too:

Think of the gardener:

“Hey, you want a new garden? Email us on this specific address and we call you to make an appointment and come by your house, take up some measures and talk over some details, then we’ll send you a design with an estimation and if you like it, you sign the agreement on paper and within 4 weeks you’ll enjoy your beautiful green paradise.”

Or, it may sound like this:

“Fill out the form, upload a picture of your garden and we’ll email you a design and an estimation and if you like it and sign off the proposal via a secured link within 72 hours, you get a 20% discount immediately and we start the redesign process.”

People are so much more enclined to take the right action if you point them out what to do. And you have full controll of the way your business runs.

Believe it or not, a lot of entrepreneurs don’t deliberately design their sales process in the first place. They do some sort of traffic generating activities, and then allow things to run the way they run. And because of that they leave money on the table. 


Having to choose the best sales process upfront can cause a lot of confusion. When it comes to this, I see lots of women entrepreneurs second guessing themselves and making it unnecessarily complex, and unpleasant for that matter. 

“I see everybody doing webinars. Should I do webinars? Or can I just make a web page and then send a couple of emails? Oh wait, maybe a Facebook live and then I send them to my website? Or should I make an automated evergreen webinar that sells my program, so I don’t have to do anything and I create a passive income?”

Can you relate? All those possibilities that show up in your mind! And you see people around you doing so many different things that seem to work.

What’s best? What’s best? 🤪

Well, let me make it SIMPLE for you. The best sales process for your business really depends on 5 things:

  1. Your goal
  2. Your horizon
  3. What it is that you’ll be selling and to whom
  4. The price point 
  5. Your natural talents

Let me break it down for you, step-by-step.

  1. Your Goal

This is fundamental to everything you do and decide: What do you want to accomplish? An easy luxury lifestyle with just a few, high-paying clients, or help as many as people you possibly can help or maybe you want to get really famous in your niche and want a big chunk of market share?

Sure, you want it ALL. But ask yourself, what matters MOST to you? Choose.

Whatever it is, your business model (your market niche, your offer and how you deliver it) should be aligned with your goal. And your model determines a great deal of what the sales processes of your offers should look like.

Probably you have this sorted out already. And you know which business model you’re after, like:

    • The “Info products & books”- model
    • The “Training & membership”-model
    • The “1-1 Coaching & Consulting”-model
    • The “Group Coaching & Consulting”-model

…to name a few. N.B If you’re NOT clear on this, start here! If you have no clue at this point, and you need help with that we should talk! In that case, go HERE.

I can’t stress enough that this is fundamental business building stuff and you have to get this clear! The sales processes of the things you’re selling should match with the model you’ve choosen to run a business to make sense and, more importantly: To make your life easy!

A lot of entrepreneurs get this wrong. 

For example, I see solo-entrepreneurs (the ones without a marketing team or sales force) mixing up all the models all the time, which really COMPLICATES their business.

They’re trying to sell a LOT of different stuff at the same time via mixed-up sales processes.

They want to do 1-1 coaching, have online courses and subscription packages and sell some stand-alone products as well. Don’t do that! Stick with 1 business model at a time. Make it work for you first, have a well-oiled sales process running. Do that and then move on to the next thing. That is, if you want to sleep at night and not worry all the time about what the heck is wrong. 😀

Choose, choose, choose.

2. Your horizon

One question: By when would you like to accomplish your goal? With everything there’s a short route and a long one. Don’t get me wrong, every road needs energy, effort, time and probably money. But you do have options.

Do you need business (as in: money) NOW? Well, you might just want to focus exclusively on a relatively small set of very HOT prospects.

Forget about the hassle of creating, promoting and delivering webinars, 2-step order forms, or application processes or whatever. That might take you 3-6 months to build at the least, if you’re not a marketer and you’re trying to do that on your own.

What about just picking up the phone and start having a conversation with those people who already know you and see where you can help out? It’s totally possible! People do that all the time, with great resuls I can tell you.  

So your horizon may influence the complexity or – simplicity- of the best sales process for your business.

Also it may influence the level of filtration in your sales process.

Like, you can have people go through an extensive application procedure with a questionaire, then a triage call and then a qualifying call with you etc.

Or you allow just anyone who wants to work with you to get in and just to make sure they’re a match you have them tick a box on the payment page that they’re no weirdo’s. (And you take their word for it.). It’s an option. And it makes the sales process shorter.

If you’re focused on filling your practice quickly or when you’re having a very short horizon (you need cash NOW) you might just want to go for this approach. Whether it’ll work depends on a few things. Read on.

3. What it is that you’ll be selling and to whom

Are you selling intangible services like consulting or coaching or are you for example selling tangible stuff -maybe commodity products like let’s say vitamin C, that needs hardly any explanation?

I’d say the more complicated, or intangible or the newer or unknown your offer is to the audience, the more time you need to educate people on the benefits and how it will work for them specifically. So in your sales process you want to do a webinar or include a demonstration call or maybe a virtual / in-person home visit.

Also it matters if you’re trying to sell to cold or warm leads and prospects. The road from ice COLD (they never have seen or heard from you before) to HOT (they know, like and trust you) might require to include more steps in your sales process.

Or a – what we call conversion mechanism that is a bit more intense. Like a webinar or free workshop. That might get them to know and like you.

But to pitch them right on the spot and expecting them to trust you with 10K of their money by one click on a simple orderform, you might have to bring a lot more to the table (think of a grand reputation in your industry, credible testimonials, recognizable branding,  a undisputable track record, you name it.) For most of us that doesn’t work. Also because if it involves a LOT of you working with them for that kind money, you want to know who you’re going to work with. Right? We don’t work with just anyone. So your sales process needs some filtration procedures.

So ask yourself: Who the heck am I targeting really and what do I offer? Is it complicated and do I audition them first? Or is it a simple thing and I don’t care who buys it. Etcetera. And take that into consideration when designing your sales process and excecuting on the different parts.

4. Price point

In general, one could say that the higher priced the offers (>1000 EUR/USD) the more intense selling it requires in order to not only educating people, convincing them of the benefits but also to establishing trust in you. 

A lower price point, generally speaking a 100 EUR/USD or less could do with just – what we call in marketing terms a Sales Letter.  A nice pdf or some content on a web page, with or without a short sales video.

You probably know those Sales Letter-types of approaches. We all purchased one or more things based on Sales Letters, right? They tell you what it is, what it can do for you and how to get it now (“click the button and fill out the order form, click ‘buy’ and we will ship it to you within two days”). Totally effortless. But the crux is, the price point. 

You can imagine that a sales process for a 10000 EUR/USD program is somewhat different than for an e-book of 14,97 EUR/USD or even a 497 EUR/USD priced program.

It requires more steps to get the sale.

That’s why e.g. a Facebook live broadcast to just a page on your website with a payment orderform in general won’t convert into a higher price point sale.

Unless there are specific circumstances, ofcourse. For example you’re the only guru on the planet in a super tiny niche with an audience with BIG wallets. Maybe you offer a ride to the moon or something. Then you might sell at any price point I guess. But keep in mind, in general that is not the sales process that would work flawlessly at that price point.

5. Your talents

It’s funny, but a lot of entrepreneurs forget themselves in the process. They get so hyped up by their peers, guru’s and people around them telling them they should do stuff that works ‘for everybody’. But they never ask themselves:

If I do this, will I have FUN doing it and will I be GOOD at it?

Don’t try to write Sales Letters if you’re crappy at writing. Sure, a writing course might help but if you have never ENJOYED writing, why would you? You’re probably an effortless speaker, right? And vice versa. Do live speaking, e.g. on a webinar and pitch from there.

Is your price point too low to get through the hassle of a webinar? Well, make your price point higher or change your offer if it’s necessary (e.g. skip the >100 EUR/USD offer as an entry point).

And for the opposite: Why trying to sell from a live webinar if you suck at selling or speaking? And you really wouldn’t enjoy it?

Anything from 100-1000 EUR/USD pricepoint you can sell with a Sales Letter-type of mechanism. No speaking involved!

And if your price point is high-ticket category, extend the sales process. When you offer higher-priced coaching or consultancy for example, you can’t avoid really to not speak to anyone to close the deal. But have a higher filtration built in, a really detailed application process, so you make sure you only talk to people that are a match and almost automatically say YES to you, without you having to sell yourself too much.

Whatever your sales process looks like, it has to be based on your natural talents for it to WORK. 

Doing Marketing and Sales should feel like FUN. That’s the only way to energetically attract people and get results. Your energetic vibrations have to be high and you have to feel really EXCITED, the entire process.

I mean, after all we’re here to impact lives so let’s lovingly Send All Leads Effortless Solutions, OK?🥰

the best sales process is also based on your talents

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for.

Taken in consideration your goal, horizon, audience & offer, price point and talents – you may follow this as a rule of thumb:

Everything >1000 EUR/USD needs a more intense sales process that includes webinars and/or (filtered) application.

Everything <100 EUR/USD you could sell with a long form Sales Letter, in pdf, on a webpage, or as a  Video Sales Letter preferrably with order bumps (e.g. an additional benefit or add-on at checkout, like “get your hard copy of the book also in e-book version for an additional $$”) and upsells (example: “buy also this 2-hour course with your book”).

Everything between 100-1000 EUR/USD: depending on your skills and interests I would say you could sell it with a long form Sales Letter with a two-step orderform (so you can retarget people) or a webinar with a two-step order form. And yes, if you’re not a writer OR a speaker you can choose for an application.😀


If you’re thinking OMG, thanks so much for the GREAT info but now what? How do I start? Here’s my advice:

Grab a pen and paper (it works magic for your brain). And go through these 5 steps. Always start with the END in mind. What is it exactly that you want to achieve?

And with every step: Be critical, ask yourself qualifying questions like what do I want, what works or worked best for me, what am I good at, what FEELS good?  Then design your sales process based on your answers. 

Then map out what you need to create that sales process, again start working on it with the end in mind, in the order of ‘most important stuff first’.

That’s how you STRATEGICALLY decide the BEST sales process for you and your business and how to work on today.

Remember: Do this FIRST and then drive traffic the right way. That’s how you monetize your promotionial efforts.

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If you want to sell something, you need to have a SALES process: A complete set of sequential steps by which you turn someone, usually a stranger, into a client or customer.

A lot of women entrepreneurs don’t have a designed sales process. They allow things to run the way they run. And because of that they might leave money on the table and might not make as much as they could or helping as much people as they would like to help. Moreover, getting to that point of higher level marketing using paid traffic (running ads) is almost impossible if you don’t have a sales process in place.

How to choose the BEST sales process for your business? It depends on 5 things:

  1. Your goal
  2. Your horizon
  3. What it is that you’ll be selling and to whom
  4. The price point 
  5. Your natural talents

Design your sales process by mapping it out with the end in mind. Be critical, ask yourself qualifying questions. This is how you STRATEGICALLY nail the BEST sales process for you and your business. 

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