How to use ‘calls-to-action’: Here’s 3 mistakes to avoid.

{video 6min} – Do you want to have more people taking action on the things you offer? Well, you’re going to need to know how to use Calls-To-Action… the right one, in the right way.

So there are several reasons why landings pages or sales pages or emails or business cards for that matter aren’t generating the action you’d like to see from your prospective client.

Here’s the top 3 of mistakes to avoid:

  1. No CTA at all

The first reason is obvious: You’re not using a CTA in the first place!!! So often I see marketing content that lack a specific and explicit call to action. They just forgot about it.

Here’s my tip:

ALWAYS always include a specific call to action in EVERY piece of content you put out there. And also: better too many than too little.

Here’s why: People need to be guided. They need to hear or read what they should do next. And you have to see it this way: not using a CTA at all is disserving your prospective clients. Help them, show them the way to you. The solution to their problem is what their looking for. And only you can offer that solution the best.

2. CTA doesn’t match with client journey

A second reason why people are not taking the action you like to see, is that you ask to take the wrong action! That’s right.

Let me explain: converting leads into clients is a process. And it’s a process of turning strangers into clients. Of turning cold leads into hot prospects into new client. And there’s this rule you’ve heard of: people only buy from people they know, like and trust.

So here’s the thing with call to actions: A CTA need to be the next, logical step for your ideal client avatar. Sometimes the thing we want from new leads is a bridge too far. Asking to buy from you, or to call you or to have coffee with you might be too scary. They are just getting to know you.

So my tip around this is:

To really map out what your ideal client journey looks like, what will get them through the process of knowing, liking and trusting you, and what is the according CTA for each phase. Allow your leads and prospects to go through your funnel. Don’t think that skipping steps will make the sale easier!

3. CTA is weak

The 3rd and last reason I’d like to mention here why your marketing content might not generate the action you’d like to see is that the CTA that is used is weak. There might be no sense of urgency, it’s not benefit-oriented or it doesn’t evoke curiosity.

A CTA should always be compelling and strong. Now, there is no single rule for how to write a compelling CTA. What works for one, might not work for you.

So my tip would be:

Pay real attention to what’s working or not. Like with everything in Marketing: It’s only by testing variations that you can be sure of what works for you. You need to make deliberate assumptions before you craft your CTA. Then monitor what happens. Sometimes a little tweak of what’s not working, will generate the result you like to see! But you have to open to and aware of what needs tweaking. OK?

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