Organizing your knowledge into a system


Here’s a little story about my mom. Or actually about her cake.

So my mom used to make cake. And her cake really had a reputation in our family. The cake was known as “failed cake”.

Like, when people visited us and they were asked if they wanted cake, people inquired politely “Failed cake?” “Eh yes, ofcourse.” Some would take the risk. Others responded “OK, no thanks I’ll just have some coffee”.

Most of the time the cake was collapsed, heavy and not very inviting to see. It tasted good though. Other times it looked awesome, but then it wasn’t sweet enough or it was too dry on the inside.

But then it happened. One day. One divine day. The cake was just perfect!

So my sister asked: What did you do this time, mom? And my mom could recall what she’d done. And since my sister and I both were to move out of the house soon (it was that long ago), we wrote down the recipe!

And from that time on, my mom’s cake got a whole new reputation.

If I asked my friends if they would like to have some cake, they asked “bought or your mothers recipe?” “Ofcourse my mothers recipe”. Yes, PLEASE!

So what has cake to do with Marketing? Well here’s what I want you to know. 


Having a recipe can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

It’s the one thing you need to create repeatable and predictable results.

The very first step is to know EXACTLY how you are delivering the amazing results for your clients. And then organize and packaging that knowledge into a systemized procedure – yes, a recipe.

Systems make results easier to achieve.

And best of all, they make your products or programs easier to sell.

This is what I help my clients with: creating their unique, systemized procedure that we call the “P3 System” – as it covers the Problem-Process-Promiss path. It’s helpful to ANY service-based business.

So do you have your unique recipe figured out yet? If not, start with it today. Tweak it until you get it all right. This can really take your business to the next level.



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