Marketing paralysis: 4 steps to end it NOW.

Marketing paralysis.

It shows up unexpectedly. And especially in times like these, where EVERYTHING is confusing.

One day you wake up and you find yourself overwhelmed by all those exciting ideas you’ve got buzzing in your head, all the plans of things-that-might-work and the related endless to-do’s.

Where to start? What to do first? What are others doing?

Your email box is presenting you a TON of covid-related “Free this, free that, join now”- emails.  And everybody is telling you about something else to do.

And so it happens.


I get it. Hitting the PAUSE button on marketing is like a natural response for many entrepreneurs. It gives you some time to catch your breath. To regroup.

But the thing is, it can turn into a straight paralysis before you know it. And that can hurt your business REALLY bad.

Here’s why: Stopping marketing is like turning off the tap.

Regardless of how short it might be (and it always turns out longer than you intended, right): You risk depleting your pipeline of leads, prospects AND clients. It dries up quicker than you think!

No marketing, no business. That’s a fact.

Now, if all of this (or even maybe just a tiny bit) implies to you, I’m here to encourage you:

👉 Snap out of it. Stop the marketing paralysis. NOW.

Here’s how:

  1. Get clarity around your immediate goals.

Not the high-level, ambitious 3000ft goals, but what you need right now. In this very moment.

Is it cash, if so how much? Is it just one big client and you’re off the hook? Is it a list of just a handful – but really, really good warm leads and prospects? How many?

Determine exactly what the objective of your marketing activities should be. Then: set a date by which you will accomplish this.

I will promise you: You’ll feel so much better after this first step!

BTW you can read more on goal setting HERE.

  1. Decide on your offer.

Not the free workshop, or the free zoom call or the free whatever. Decide on the product or service that you will market for money. Again, get clarity. This time on what you will offer, to whom and by when.

And here’s a tip: Just go with what you’ve got and what worked for you in the past. OR what is ready for some improvements and tweaks.

Don’t step into the pitfall of creating new things, just because the world has turned upside down. The reason is that it will take you a ton of effort, time and energy to get something new off the ground. You’ll risk getting overwhelmed again.

Market and sell what you’ve got.

It will work. Have faith. You just have to market it differently. (And that probably goes for the whole shebang: The packaging, pricing and for many of us the delivery too.)

For tips on pricing: go read HERE.

  1. Choose your strategy and stick to it!

Don’t get into more overwhelm and confusion by making it too complicated. Let the idea of  a “Full Funnel Approach” rest a while. Instead, ask yourself this golden question:

“What simple activities are most likely to take me to what I want?”

Come up with an elegant set of 5 and no more than 10 activities that you can do on a daily basis. It can be as simple as: “Calling 2 former clients a day to invite them to an online meetup to see how they are doing and where I can help.”

And stick to it. Don’t change strategies overnight. Just because you think something else will work better.

If it doesn’t work for you, you might want to switch the tactics (like: “emailing 2 former clients and follow up with a call) but not before you worked the old ones.

You need to build momentum, that’s when the magic sets in. And that’ll come from persistance. Changing strategies all the time and chasing every shiny object will set you back immediately.

  1. Commit to the commitment

So by now you figured out what your goal is, what you will offer, to whom and by when and how you will accomplish it. Now step 4 to break out of the marketing paralysis is committing to your commitment.

That’s right. Because just committing is always easy. You say you’re going to do something. But when nobody is looking and knows about your plans, it’s super tempting and easy to just quit whenever it pleases you.

That’s why you’d want to commit to your commitment. How you do that?

Have an accountability partner. Or your marketing coach that holds you accountable. Inform your family, your spouse or best friend or someone who will be supportive and tell them why it’s important to you to get this thing rolling and accomplishing this goal. They will help you get through it, staying focused and committed.

And then: TAKE ACTION immediately. Work the plan!

This is it. Take these 4 steps (you can do it in less than an hour) and you’re off running again! You only needed a simple and super focused game plan to start marketing your business again.

Always remember:

Simple is good. Marketing doesn’t need to be complex to get great results.


When will you start taking these 4 steps? Share in the comments below. Commit to your commitment !😊

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