The 10-step Marketing Plan that is too simple

This weekend I was in a 2-days Conference in Macedonia. A room full of powerful professional and business women from 3 countries in the Balkan and The Netherlands together.

And I was a keynote speaker.

I felt honored and super excited, ofcourse. But you know what happens when I tell people that I’m a Marketing expert, helping women entrepreneurs to earn more money (as in LOTS more money)?


Since I’m used to this and I always aim to be of great VALUE, I share my most, incredible and practical Marketing plan that gets you high paying clients.

Here it is:

The Simplest 10-step Marketing Plan that gets you clients almost INSTANTLY.

It’s based on the presumption that Marketing is a CYCLE. And that you need to set your INTENTION (aka goal) first.


Step 1 Make a list of everyone you know.

Step 2 Tell those people about your business.

Step 3 Ask if they’d like to hear more about it

Step 4 Tell the interested people more.

Step 5 When you get to the end of your list: Contact everyone again

Step 6  Anyone who fits your perfect clients profile: Ask if they’d like to work with or buy from you.

Step 7 Tell the others your perfect clients profile and ask if they know anybody who fits

Step 8 Add new people to your list and repeat the process.

Step 9 Update them on your latest work or achievements, give useful information, love them up

Step 10 Ask anyone who fits your perfect clients profile if they are ready to with you yet.



And on goes the cycle.

In Marketing terms: you help getting leads through your Marketing cycle,  and the hot prospects among them, the ones who match your perfect client profile, you convert eventually into buyers.

There were a lot of start-ups that really were surprised by hearing the steps of my Marketing plan.

They thought it was too simple! And you know what: they’re right. If you know me a bit, I love to make complicated Marketing simple.

Because that last thing we want, is to create more confusion in our business.

More confusion means more overwhelm and less implementation.

And with no implementation, there will be no results.

Do you want to earn more money? Do this now: just IMPLEMENT the steps!

Miracles and opportunities show up when you take MASSIVE ACTION. So don’t waste any time: just do it!

This 10-step Marketing Plan works. IF you’re doing the work, that is.


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Your Next Steps

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