How I’ve been preparing for the crisis.

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Vitamine C…sold out. Paracetamol…sold out. Toilet paper…sold out.

Our world is definitely in a crisis.

And we see the consequences showing up everywhere.

In my city, in Amsterdam, at our local supermarket around the corner. At the online drugstore where I do my shopping.

The thing is We’re all getting a bit nervous. Totally understandable.  We’re in the middle of the storm.

But here’s what I think:

If we allow ourselves to get completely stressed out by the pandemic that is going on, we will risk attracting unwanted things. Cause that’s how it works, right?

So the question is: How do we navigate this crisis?

In such a way that we stay healthy, that our business will continue to thrive, that we manage to connect with our tribe or just the people around us, our community from a deeper sense of understanding, compassion and love.

So this morning I thought let me share with you, how I do it.

Maybe you get some new ideas or inspiration out of it.

And if you do, please let me know in the comments below.

So if you’re anything like me you like to prepare.

That’s how we approach everything, right.

We don’t jump blindly into something, we prepare. It’s how we do marketing, business and actually pretty much everything in Life.

So that is how I feel about this pandemic crisis as well.

I felt called to prepare.

By the way, I mean I started taking preparations 2 weeks ago. That was way before Europe became the actual center of the pandemic and when there were only 3 cases of infections in our country. It has increased dramatically since then.

But you know, I think it’s never too early nor too late to prepare. You can start preparing as from right now. Today. OK?

So how have I been preparing?

Actually I’ve been preparing on three levels.

    1. Physically
    2. Mentally
    3. Spiritually

For me the most easy starting point for preparation was physically.

I believe that our body can take a lot IF we help it as good as we can.

So this is what I do:

  • Increasing dramatically the take-in of vitamin C. It helps boosting the immune system.
  • Going to bed earlier than usual, to really rest my body and give it time to regenerate.
  • Doing my work-outs every day to build muscle and stamina.
  • And my entire family is having homeopathic profylaxis to prevent getting ill, in consultation with my homeopathic healer.

So that is how I’m physically preparing.

Mentally I’m preparing by

  • Choosing affirmations that keep me strong and focused
  • Reading more soul-nourishing books and content that keep my metal tank full.
  • Watching only comedies on Netflix, to create that positive healing vibe! And especially after watching or reading upsetting news about the virus.

This mentally preparation really helps me to shake off negative thoughts and replace them by more positive thoughts.

It helps me to not loosing myself or to  get caught up in worries, and the what-if’s.

That is how I prepare mentally.

The spiritual preparation I do really consists of praying.

  • I do that at night, lying in bed. I express my gratitude for my health and that of my child and family. And I humbly ask to give me the strength to stay in faith, to trust in a positive outcome and to trust in love. And I ask for courage to inspire others to do so.
  • And then I bathe my room, my entire home in this bubble of light that keeps us safe and healthy and strong for whatever is coming to us.

So that is how I prepare.

On 3 levels: physically, mentally and spiritually.

I truly believe that we can handle anything that comes our way.

As long as we trust that anything and everything that happens is happening for us. You know for our spiritual growth, the evolution of our soul if you will.

Also I believe that this crisis gives us opportunities. To get know ourselves at a deeper level, to realize our values and what matters most to us in life and that it really can bring the best of us to the surface.

I’m Sandra Fisser, of I hope you got some new ideas and inspiration out of this to navigate the crisis that is going on.

If you have, please comment below. I’d really like to hear from you. Thanks for watching, stay healthy and I see you soon.


  1. Have you been preparing, if so how?
  2. What is one take-away from what I shared with you?

Helpful? Insights? Leave a comment below, and if you like it, give me a thumbs up or share.


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