is to turn up the volume on marketing.

Sandra Fisser

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COACHELLE Global, led by Sandra Fisser, is a boutique marketing company that helps purpose-driven women business owners get real results FAST, so they can ultimately spread their message to tens of thousands of people globally and get paid well to make an impact in the world. 

 WE love marketing

Let's get something straight: Marketing is not something you learn once. It's something you dedicate your entrepreneurial life to! That is if you feel a higher calling to serve the world with your unique brilliance.


At COACHELLE Global, we live by it. We are marketers first. Have been and always will be. It's at the core of who we are. We love marketing. And we are powered by our intuition.


You're a business owner. So here's a thought: Let go of the image of yourself as a coach, healer, spiritual teacher, trainer, or consultant - or whatever it is that you do. Because my friend, you are in the business of marketing your services, programs or courses, etc.


That means: Having to market like a marketer. Pursuing a higher standard and turning up the volume on marketing if you want to help more people.


It's our calling to help you with that. So you can spread your message to tens of thousands of people globally and get paid well to make a more significant impact in the world.

we pursue ruthless simplicity

Yes, you're going to UPLEVEL your marketing. But at the same time, UNCOMPLICATE your strategy. Why? Because it's time for you, as someone who is naturally driven to succeed and very much intuitive, to adopt an UNCOMMON approach.


That means stopping the grinding. And starting pursuing ruthless simplicity, an intuitive elegant “less is more” approach that powers accelerated results. 



Want us to help you with that? Let's talk about how this would look like for you.


For some years now, you have a business. You have clients. You are networking. People are following you on social media. You travel the world, maybe speak on stages. And yet, secretly, you feel something is missing: A sense of REAL fulfillment.

You passionately wish to make a more significant difference in the world. Help more people. The right people. Your people. And yes, earn more money too. 

If you're honest: You're feeling stuck. And this frustrates you. Because you know you have so much to give! Your experience, your expertise, your unique brilliance, your love.

Am I right? Is this you? 😀


We can help you. Let's talk about how this would look like for you.





Fact: If you want to get real results FAST, you need to up your game. Here's how:


MASTER the marketing fundamentals specifically for purpose-driven businesses. 

BUILD a profitable model that is scalable and aligned with your purpose.

ATTRACT only the right people - those you are meant to serve and who value your brilliance.


 All our training and mentoring is designed to help you with those three core elements, connecting your business genius with your intuition while using our cutting-edge proprietary MBA Accelerator™ process, so you will accelerate that impactful business you dream of.


What People Are Saying

"If you want to work with a passionate, nurturing and highly professional marketing coach, Sandra is the perfect match for you. Not only is she an expert in her field, but her way of work is uplifting, inspiring and motivating. I had the honor to work with her for a year and all I can say is that we need more women like her in this world. She always gives her maximum effort to make sure her clients achieve their goals but also ensures that they keep a balanced life while building a successful business. Thank you, Sandra, for everything."

Teodora Nikolovska, 

"For the past four months my business and revenue had hit a plateau. I was getting discouraged. Although I only began working with Sandra 1,5 weeks ago, there is already a huge shift in my business as well as my mindset and confidence!  With so much clarity and focus in such a short time, I am excited to see what further coaching with Sandra, an extraordinary marketing strategist, will produce in the coming weeks."

Dr. Melissa Healy, 

"I did the little assessment of the 4M’s during your webinar and it was an eye-opener. My first reaction was ‘sh%*#&t’ because I really scored low on all 4M’s! So many things had happened in my life this passed year, so my focus got heavily distracted from growing my business. And honestly, strategic marketing is not my core interest nor my forte. In the call with you I realized I needed support. Not just from any marketing specialist, but someone, like you, who is as passionate about Marketing the way I am passionate about working with my coaching clients, and who is my Marketing Cheerleader alongside, too -).
I’m so happy I made this choice because it feels almost natural to do marketing this way and so more people learn what I have on offer to serve them in their personal and professional transformation. After one month of the MBA program a new client signed up for an intensive coaching and there are many more to come! Thanks for the support Sandra!

Iris P. Furer, 

"After researching, viewing and meeting with a number Marketing experts I found Sandra and her service offering to be far superior to any other. She is an extremely efficient professional with an enthusiastic personality to match. After the first consultation I knew I had not only made the right decision but also that I was in good hands. I joined her marketing program and at first I wasn’t sure that I had time for it  but it was well worth the investment. I was impressed by the process and structure she employed to unearth the vision I had for my business, a vision I had sometimes struggled to visualise myself. Because with my busy schedule I needed that. It was so helpful to discover what part of Marketing needs the most work and my attention because Marketing is really a cycle. It’s easy to be busy, but to focus on the right things that move your business actually forward is another thing. I can recommend Sandra and her marketing programs highly, she really had her finger on the pulse, from creativity to ensuring we had the essential tools to give my business a competitive edge."

Giovana Vega, Forex trader, author and international speaker 

So here's what you should know how we work...

Warning: we’re not for just anyone. 

COACHELLE Global is by design a boutique marketing training and coaching company for high performing women business owners, who feel they want to go further than they have before—beyond the norm of their typical results and experience.

We're marketers first. Always have been, always will be. And we're strongly guided by our intuition and connected to our spiritual Self.

We help you to double your implementation power, your self-confidence and your revenue every 90 days. We train and mentor you on upleveling your marketing using our cutting-edge proprietary MBA Accelerator™ process, to 10x-ing your marketing activities for continuous growth and success.

We do that by working with a proven curriculum, a clear roadmap for progress that allows us and you as our client to consistently feel that each session is adding value and advancing your Marketing and with that, your business.

So you'll always know the next step you should be taking, with world-class Marketing training video's and materials and support every step of the way. 

"Sandra has a keen eye to detail and a wonderful way to draw out to most essential bits of information regarding your immediate next steps. She inspires me tremendously by showing me that no matter where I am in building my business, there is a great number of steps I can take immediately to move towards my goal. I can highly recommend her services to anyone who wishes to take their business and life to the next level."

Hajnalka Makk, 

"I met Sandra at a business event and immediately connected with her. I was stuck, not knowing what actions I should take to take my business to a higher level. After only working in the first hour with Sandra I had already a clear long term vision for my business and knew exactly where I want to go. Sandra has allowed me to really take actions and take them now!! I would highly recommend her. Thank you Sandra!!"

Marie-France Samba,

the accelerated support


Eliminate frustrations, overwhelm, second guessing and beliefs that no longer serve you. You'll have an experienced hard-core marketing expert as your mentor. Who, by the way, has earned her flight-hours as a trusted certified life coach, at your side. I believe in you and I commit to get the best out of you. 


Yes, we'll remind you of your commitment to your Soul Vision. You’ll "report" on the steps you’re working on to grow your business. So we can keep you a 100% focussed on your goals. No more procrastination. We offer regularly accountability in your marketing program. You'll always know what to work on and want to finish the job...


From our proven speed learning Marketing training video's to full day intensives and deep dive workshops, we provide customized consultancy with proven processes, systems and frameworks that help you create exploding results!


At COACHELLE Global you'll be part of an elite group of heart-centered high performing women entrepreneurs who share your commitment to create a more fulfilling life and make the world a better place for our children.

Elisabeth Brouwer

"Two years ago I wanted to work with Sandra, but at that time I considered it too expensive for me. I made some other choices, which ofcourse I regretted afterwards. So later on when the opportunity came to work with her in one of her Marketing programs, I didn’t hesitate any longer. Before I started working with her, for me it felt like 'now or never' with my coaching practice. I just couldn’t get any clients and I considered putting an end to my business. But after only 30 days of working with Sandra I already had a wonderful result: 2 new coaching clients and a paid assignment of the municipality! Sandra had taught us a Marketing system that provided structure, and she made it clear what I should do on my Marketing every day and she taught us how to do it. Because of my new mindset and increased self confidence and the positive energy everything was moving. This week I have 3 more “coaching walks”, so who knows. That was also a very good idea. So THANK YOU Sandra, for all your support and guidance and positive feedback. I can recommend Sandra highly!"

Elisabeth Brouwer

"Sandra supported me to go beyond what I thought was possible. She provided structures to help me do what I needed to do grow my business. She stretched me to aim for bigger goals in life. We planned out my growth path and she helped me be accountable to fulfill on the plan to reach my income goals. Also I got introduced to her international business network, where I’m building valuable relationships with people I probably never would have met otherwise. I think working with COACHELLE Global is the best thing a woman entrepreneur can do. I highly recommend Sandra and her coaching company. In the meantime, can’t wait to triple my income :-)"

Nicole Vasseur

"The feedback that Sandra gives shows that she is a true expert in the field of marketing. Her coaching approach is very pleasant and effective. It stimulates, motivates, she dares to be critical and challenges your thinking. For me, joining her program was absolutely the best gift  I could give myself and my business this year."

Monique Mik

"Sandra is really involved. She’ll help you grow your business - even if you sometimes just don’t like it and feel resistance because you're facing a totall blind spot. She is insistent but gentle. During her program I learned that my work is worthwhile and that I don’t have to haggle with. And that was really quite a mindset thing."

Saskia de Rooy
Charlotte Nieuwland

"I started talking to Sandra a few months ago at a seminar. Her cheerful and vigorous appearance immediately struck me, and after a while after reading her blogs and following here I decided that she might be the Marketing coach to help me take my business ambitions to a higher level. Many coaches focus on personal development, or Marketing, but the combination seemed very useful to me and Sandra excels in both. I like it that she has figured out a clear step-by-step plan for my next 90 days and continues to point out that I shouldn’t make it more complicated than it is! Moreover, she reacts very quickly to emails - useful when you are as impatient as I am - and you can easily plan your coaching sessions with her. The fact that the Marketing program I do, lasts several months makes you keep the pressure on, but you’ll have enough time to take real steps. The past few months were really nice for me and I got a new boost to my work. I am very satisfied with Sandra’s coaching and guidance and feel that I haven’t even addressed a sea of ​​knowledge yet. I would definitely recommend Sandra to other entrepreneurial women. "

Charlotte Nieuwland

"Before I worked with Sandra, I had customers but I remained reluctant to actively approaching new clients. After three weeks of working with Sandra I already have more new clients and sales than in the four previous months! Moreover, I have a clear and practical strategy to grow my business and as an entrepreneur. What I like about Sandra's businesscoaching is that she dives into your business - you're less alone- and the clear focus on strategic marketing and business."

Ingrid Depyper


I'm Sandra Fisser, founder of COACHELLE Global, a leading expert in helping businesses to grow and scale using a unique business building process and advanced direct response Marketing strategies.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of Marketing consultancy and business strategy, 15 years as a business owner and with 2 Master degree’s in business & economics I've been consulting with a diverse range of stock listed companies, small businesses and successful entrepreneurs worldwide.

It's my mission to empower and inspire a generation of entrepreneurial women, so together we use our talents, abilities and mother instinct for a better world for our children.

COACHELLE Global is based in beautiful Amsterdam, The Netherlands and works with heart-centered, purpose driven women worldwide.