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The Ultimate One Page Marketing Game Plan GUIDE

How To Map Out Your Marketing Plan in 60 minutes (or less), so you can double your results over the next 90 days.

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Essential Elements

The 8 essential elements needed in every marketing game plan that generate a predictable flow of ready-to-buy prospects for heart-centered, purpose-driven self-employed, sole practitioners.

sprint method

The most unknown method to attracting clients by daily deploying a set of well-picked outreach client-getting marketing strategies and tactics while completing your big marketing projects real-time.

Planning hack

The top-down Bullet Proof Planning Process™ that aligns your marketing plan with your soul vision and purpose and allows you to do less, not adding more.

Next step Actions

Your next steps to make sure you fill out and complete your perfect one-pager and put it into action.

So you can double your results over the next 90 days using my proven process!

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Hi, I'm Sandra Fisser. I help heart-centered women entrepreneurs to get real results FAST, so they ultimately can spread their message to thousands of people globally and get paid well to make an impact in the world.

The Ultimate One Page Marketing Game Plan™ covers the exact process that I use and that my VIP clients use to map out a winning strategy for generating a predictable flow of ready-to-buy prospects.

Without it, you will waste your time on every next tactic that comes along - guessing what you need to do to see more money.

With it, you'll eliminate all the guess work and will never again waste time or money on things that won't help you reach your goal FAST.

"There was so much peace and freedom in knowing exactly what I was supposed to do. This enabled me to launch without fear and sell my new program to 15(!) people while growing my list in less than two months.”

Sandy Graham

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