"Here's what I know: Your message has the ability to change someone's life."

first, let's talk about you

This is what I know about you: You are amazing. You have this gift that can help so many people. I also know that people with incredible gifts and talents see it as normal. To even doubt it or try to hide it. To fit in… Until one day, fitting in becomes impossible. 

That’s why my mission is to empower and inspire you to do what you're called to do. Lean in. Stop resisting it. Get your message out there. You have to so you can make a bigger difference in the world—both for you and the people you serve. Your tribe.

I'm here to give you the marketing strategies and tools you need to direct your passion and purpose to the right focused action so you can build a business that expresses who you are and change the world in the process.

who I serve

I work with heart-centered women entrepreneurs who have something of value to share —smart, highly educated women who quit their jobs or (corporate) careers and became self-employed to follow their passion. 

If you have a service, a message, or a product that is potentially life-changing, and you have a genuine desire to help others with your gifts and unique brilliance, we’re a good fit.

You want a business that you can design around your life instead of having to fit your life around your work. You’re also willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work that is necessary to achieve the “lifestyle freedom”.

Finally, you aren’t in business just for the money though financial independence and a high income are still important to you. It's essential for you to serve more people. 

What I Do

I help purpose-driven women business owners get real results FAST, so they can ultimately spread their message to tens of thousands of people globally and get paid well to make an impact in the world. 

I do that by providing cutting-edge marketing training, coaching, and consultancy that equips you to impact your tribe and change the world.

I offer the MBA Accelerator™–my proprietary process developed based on the marriage between direct response marketing and understanding the growth drivers for purpose-driven businesses. The marketing strategies, I call them accelerators, are designed to help you build and scale a profitable purpose-driven business.

Why you’d want to work with me
  • You will advance 10 times quicker than you would on your own or in a group program with 100s of other people.
  • You’ll get exclusive access to me, my knowledge, my expertise, and my extensive business network.
  • You’ll get laser focused and work only on things that matter to reach your goals.
  • You’ll triple your productivity.
  • You’ll see more results in 4 weeks of working with me than you’ve gained in the past year.
  • You’ll get more out of yourself through coaching, accountability, training, and support than you would doing it on your own.

My superpower...

Shocking news: I'm a genuine marketer! Not some "random-professional-turned-business-coach" or "I'll-teach-you-to-do-X-because-I-saw-it-on-the-internet" person. I'm a longtime marketing strategist. Always have been. Always will be. Marketing is my passion and expertise.

You will like my cool superpower: If I look at a business owner or her services, I immediately know how to position it uniquely and market it, what the sales process should be, what the scripts should say, and its core content. All these things come so clearly to me that I can make it very simple for you! My clients get RESULTS because I teach and actually HELP them how to market their business and get clients... as a marketer!

Ever wondered why growing your business is so hard? Well, it's because you just haven't yet mastered the "marketing thing."  

I'm not only teaching it, but I'm doing it. I'm in the trenches with you, successfully growing my own business. Staying on top of state-of-the-art marketing developments. Working directly with the big dogs in our industry, so you don't have to. What I've created is built on the shoulders of giants. I KNOW what works. And more importantly, I know HOW it works and how we can make it work for your business, too.

So no matter whether you have done some marketing or are starting from scratch, you can achieve massive success in the time frame that makes sense for your life and business goals. 

I've been doing it. I've helped many others do it. 

I can help you, too.


What I believe

“Every person can achieve greatness.”

If only we have people on our side, who unconditionally believe in us and help us to fulfill our potential.

Helping others? I think it works best if we are truly happy with ourselves first. If we follow our passions and are successful in life. Only then we can be fully open to others and see their infinite potential.

I work exclusively with female business owners. Because I’m convinced that women, considering our natural drive to give and care, will take the lead in creating my ideal: an inclusive world. That’s a world where every person is of value and where there’s place for everyone.

That is my Big Why. The reason for doing what I do. It makes me really happy to contribute to your growth, and together, we change the world into a better place for our children and future generations.

My Story

To begin with, I have a formal background in marketing. I studied marketing and economic psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam, I have a master’s degree from VU University Amsterdam and a master’s degree in general management from the prestigious Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands. I started more than 20 years ago working in the field of marketing, and set up my own marketing consulting business early in my career. I consulted with a great number of companies and global brands in the fast-paced financial services and asset management industry. In 2015, I transitioned from corporate consultancy into coaching women entrepreneurs on marketing their business. I’ve been trained as a certified life coach at the Coaching Academy International, and I’m affiliated with NOBCO - the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches. I work with women entrepreneurs worldwide.

The big shift in my life occurred years ago when I happily became a mother. With my sweet, special child in my arms, I started to view the world from a different lens.

I used to feast on the corporate world’s stressful high-profiled strategic marketing projects with lots of politics and conflicting interests. But with my baby at home, I thought, What’s this all about? Am I doing meaningful work? What do I really contribute to the world where my child will grow up?

My consultancy work was fun and interesting, but I longed for more depth. At that time, I became interested in coaching, so I decided to get formal training to be a coach. I'd never imagined that during my education such a beautiful learning process would unfold. I learned how to coach people, I was being coached, I reflected, I started to trust my intuition, I got insights, and I was growing. Fantastic! I knew coaching gets to me on a very deep level. I wish everyone could have that same experience.

I wanted to make a shift. Would coaching be my new leap? But what would make me different than the other hundreds of thousands of coaches in the world?

As a seasoned marketing expert, I knew it’s no longer only about your skills, your exquisite service, or your attractive products. No, it’s first and foremost about your WHY. The reason why you’re doing what you do.

I had to search for my Authentic Self. Once, I got this piece of advice. If you get happy and emotional, you know you’ve found your purpose. I didn’t have to think very long.

I get choked up when I think about my beautiful child. And I am moved by images of a bright future for her. What prevails is that I wish for my sweetie, and all children, that they grow up in a world where everyone is of value and where there’s place for everyone. An inclusive world, as it is called, where we treat each other with respect.

What does it require of us adults? I believe we should live consciously and purposeful. That we have a good sense of self-worth. That we are happy with ourselves so we can be open to and inspire others. To create an authentic connection. And that is exactly what drives me.

I decided to do what I do best and what I love to do. As a strategic marketing coach, I dedicate my extensive marketing expertise to heart-centered, purpose-driven women entrepreneurs all over the world who want to make a difference. For themselves, their clients, and the world. 

What about coaching? Well, that's automatically part of our collaboration. Because if you introspect, or deal with what’s going on inside, you can get back on track with much more ease, inspiration, and energy.

Me in 7 words: honorable, sharp-minded, cheerful, creative, result-driven, intuitive, and spiritual.

If I’m not working with clients, travelling the world to network, teaching marketing, or deepening my skills, you can find me with my family at a playground, somewhere at sea, or in the snowy mountains with friends or at a lovely set dinner table with girlfriends or family.

Are you ready to serve the world with your unique brilliance?

I hope to meet you soon!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Much love,

Sandra Fisser