client attraction

5 ways to build authentic marketing relationships.

“People do business with people they know, like, and trust.” OMG, this must be the number one marketing truth that I have passed to my clients, and every person I talk to that wants to know how to get clients because this is precisely the reason for building marketing relationships instead of trying to sell…

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6 steps to effortless marketing.

Have you noticed that the most successful entrepreneurs make marketing look so simple? And do you wonder what you’re doing wrong? Because even when you’ve tried to copy everything that you see people doing, by far you didn’t get the same – or worse – any result? Well here’s why: The cookie-cutter approach to marketing…

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6 types of FB posts that always work

Posting to get people engaged with you and your business is less about just increasing your visibility and more about doing what works. In this article I discuss first why visibility marketing strategies are not necessarily the most effective when it comes to getting clients. And then I show you 6 types of posts that…

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Get More Clients With the Lunch Bait Strategy.

The Lunch Bait Strategy is an effective conversion-hack to get more clients. It might sound a little sneaky, like you’re trying to trick-lure your prospective client into something. But that’s not the case at all. The strategy moves your prospects further down the Know-Like-Trust process.  In this article I will teach you: What a Lunch…

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Is your marketing plan leading you to success?

Do you have a marketing plan that is leading to your success? Or should I ask: Do you have a plan AT ALL that helps you producing the results in your business? If you’re not sure or the answer is a big NO, read on. In this article I’ll walk you through a cool mini…

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How to differentiate and stop being a commodity

Here’s a little story with a Marketing twist: Last week I had a paint job that needed to be done, because I’m selling my house. We want to live closer to my Sweetie Pie’s school in Amsterdam. 🙋 So I googled some painters, and invited a few to come over to my place to talk…

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Are you working on the right Marketing projects?

{video 6min} – Hey lady, stop working on your marketing projects that won’t get you any closer to your goals! ‘Nice to do’ can be a waste of time… Very important, because I see a lot of women entrepreneurs, and some of them my clients even, working on things that are NICE  to do, but won’t…

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How to get new clients by the end of 2017.

  It aint over till it’s over, ladies! Christmas holidays soon will start, but we are unstopable. Right? I challenge you to get (at least) 1 more new client, 1 more sale or 1 more deal by the end of the year. Why? Well, that’s simple: we need to feel victorious!! Getting at least 1…

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