How to differentiate and stop being a commodity

Here’s a little story with a Marketing twist: Last week I had a paint job that needed to be done, because I’m selling my house. We want to live closer to my Sweetie Pie’s school in Amsterdam. 🙋

So I googled some painters, and invited a few to come over to my place to talk about the job. Nothing spectacular, it was just about one window frame. So far so good.

The next day these painters all emailed me a quote for that painting job.

Now here’s what I noticed:

>> The prices were much alike.
>> They had all been friendly and considerate.
>> They all seemed very professional with their logo in big fonts on their vans.

None of them really stood out! 🙄

Not helpful for the decision making, I can tell you. What was I supposed to do now?

So my Marketing brain was thinking…Guys, what if only one of you had said THIS to me:

“Listen lady, you’re selling your home? We specialize in that! We have this cool ‘Fresh-Up-Your-House-For-Higher-Sales’ package.

We follow a unique 10-point system to get your house from ‘worn-out to paint-brushed-for-higher-sales’. This will speed up the lead time and it typically increases the purchase price – sometimes up to 15%, as many of our clients experienced!”

HOLY COW. A 15% increase on my house sale??

That’s GOOD stuff, right? Even if I only would get a 5% increase from it – I can do the math, it would be totally worth it. I would take that package and select THAT painter immediately!!

Now that is what I call ‘differentiating’.👌💎

Imagine YOU are that painter.

While your competitors are worried about offering the lowest quote – and by that positioning themselves as a commodity

…you bring a whole new conversation!

That’s right. It’s not about painting anymore. It’s about helping your clients make more money on their house sale!

And you’re the only painter who has the blueprint, the secret 10-step formula that “automatically” raises sales for those house owners that are looking to sell their home for the highest purchase price possible.

How much do you think you could charge?

Probably a lot more than just a single window-frame paint job, right?

In fact, you could be very expensive AND still get fully booked, because you’re not just any painter anymore…

You have a – what I call Highly Irresistible Offer for a very specific niche. And you’re helping to make $$$ for your clients!

And that my friend, is VERY client attractive 😊.

Think about it.

Now here’s my question to you:

How can you change the conversation in your field to stop being a commodity and start differentiating yourself to become massively client attractive?

And: What would it take for you to actually implement this?

Let me hear your thoughts. Just reply in the comments below, OK? I’d love to hear from you.

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