6 steps to effortless marketing.

Have you noticed that the most successful entrepreneurs make marketing look so simple? And do you wonder what you’re doing wrong? Because even when you’ve tried to copy everything that you see people doing, by far you didn’t get the same – or worse – any result?

Well here’s why:

The cookie-cutter approach to marketing doesn’t work!

There is really no such thing as One-Size-Fits-All marketing. What works for someone else, won’t necessarily work for you. If you’ve been in business for a while, you probably know that to be true.

You see, the way you market your business has to be UNIQUE to you.

What you need is a simple set of carefully chosen marketing activities that fit with who you are, with your talents and experience and the stage your business is in.

Having a customized MARKETING GAME PLAN with strategies and marketing actions that help you achieve your income goal (and not complicate your life!) is essential to do effortless marketing.

That’s the first thing I help my clients with: Creating a customized game plan that shows you EXACTLY what you need to do, every day. And you’ll be wanting to do it, because everything we map out for you is aligned with who you are.

That’s how we take out the complexity and make it SIMPLE.

That approach always works wonders! You see…

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated to get great results.

Now the question is, with all the noise in the market and the shiny bright things that are offered to us entrepreneurs: How do you make and keep your marketing effortless and uncomplicated?

In other words: How do you NOT fall into the trap of doing every possible complicated thing that is promoted and that everyone else seems to be deploying with great results (e.g. posting 3 times a day, handling 8 social media platforms, running webinars funnels, building book funnels, creating a ton of lead magnets, doing product launches, paid traffic, seo optimizations, video’s and live broadcasting etc.?)?

Here’s my advice:

  1. Be willing to keep it simple.

Duhhh, you might think. But here’s the thing: You may believe you want your marketing and sales to be effortless, but subconsciously you might be very  attached to complexity and the hard work of making things work! You wouldn’t be the first. I’ve seen it so many times. And it’s not your fault. You may not have been taught otherwise.

Also, it’s hard not to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak. If you see everyone going to Clubhouse or Tiktok or posting stories on Instagram every day, you might wonder if you’re being left behind if your not following the latest trend.

You really need to give yourself persmission to stepping back and make choices that are right for you.

If you want more clients, or make more money you need to do things that get you results as quickly as possible, with the least resistance. So why taking the hard and long route? Sometimes it boils down to the simple choice of being ‘famous or sane’.

Ask yourself: Why am I doing or wanting to do all the things that I’m doing? Does it really feel good? Is it truly necessary for achieving my income goals? How can I make things easier, simpler, more fun and effortless?

2. Choose one funnel, one offer, one audience, for one year.

“But Sandra, I like to do different things!” That’s what I often get to hear when I propose this simple approach. I understand where you’re coming from. But remember this:

The ones who struggle the most are the ones who are trying to be everything to everyone, in every way.

Simplifying your marketing means you have to focus. And only focus will get you more and better results.

3. Choose strategies that match your talents and your skills.

I always create a custom marketing game plan for my clients, because nothing is harder than doing things that don’t match with who you are.

Here’s my advice:

Only focus on the strategies that come natural to you and that fit your personal style. Do what you’re good at and take that to the max if you want to get out of your comfort zone.

Lots of people get this wrong.

Because they are told that ‘success and growth lie outside of your comfort zone’, they think they have to do things they don’t like or have a talent for.

That’s such nonsense!

So just do things that are easy for you and turn up the volume on that. Yes, it can be that easy!

4. Market to people you like and who like you.

Again, this is all about the alignment with who you are. Why working with people or companies that may pay you well but drain you? You have to only work with your people, your tribe. Those are the ones you were meant to serve. When you put effort into market to ONLY those people, your marketing will be like talking to a good friend and will yield much better results.

5. Market first to people who are looking for solutions like yours.

Effortless marketing is all about making things simple. This one will make your life so much easier! Example: If you are an executive coach, you have better chances of finding clients while networking on a leadership seminar than networking on LinkedIn. The people at the seminar are already actively working on their ‘problem’ and they will understand the value of what you do. While LinkedIn maybe flooded with executives, it’s so much harder to specifically get in front of only those executives that are open to help with reaching their personal goals. Always take the path with the least resistance!

6. Market a business and products or services that you are a 100% in love with.

Sometimes when marketing and sales feel like a huge struggle, it’s because your heart is not in it. Your own excitement is the fuel that get others pumped up. If you don’t feel the excitement, how can you expect others to be excited? Always check in with yourself: Am I still in love with what I do and offer? If not, what needs to change?

To conclude, effortless marketing is all about doing a few things that work for you and feel good to you.

When you commit to doing those activities consistently, execute it perfectly (in a postive way) and not getting side-tracked by all the bright shiny distractions you come across, your m1arketing will feel effortless and will pay off in record time.

Would you like my help on creating that for you and teaching you a system that gets you new clients FASTER? Let’s chat. CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE BELOW TO BOOK A CALL WITH ME.

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