6 types of FB posts that always work

Posting to get people engaged with you and your business is less about just increasing your visibility and more about doing what works. In this article I discuss first why visibility marketing strategies are not necessarily the most effective when it comes to getting clients. And then I show you 6 types of posts that always work well (in terms of engagement) and that you can model right away to boost your brand’s engagement.

Why outreach strategies beat the visibility strategies

“I want to be more visible…” This is the single MOST thing that people tell me when I ask them what they’d like to work on with me. (no.1 is still “I want more people visiting my website”).  I totally get the idea behind that wish of being more visible. The rationale is:

“If they don’t know that I exist, how would they ever hire me to work with them?”


However –  I wouldn’t be the strategic marketing coach that I am, if I wouldn’t point out that the marketing strategies that are deployed to create “visibility” as a result, are not necessarily the most effective when it comes to the Know-Like-Trust factor (KLT-factor) and getting clients.

Let me explain.

So there’s this saying

“People do business with people they know, like, and trust”.

If a potential client gets to know you, learns to like you, and believes that he or she can trust you, you probably have a sale. Without your having at least one of those factors in place, getting the business will be an almost impossible task.

Now, in that respect the marketing strategies that have a great impact on visibility – like “writing & publicity” or “public speaking” are less effective than marketing strategies that are “outreach” strategies, like “networking” or “referral building” or “direct contact & following up”.

Think about it. What will speed up the Know-Like-Trust process more: Talking one-one with a potential client for an hour during lunch break at a network event or reading a 5-minutes blog of yours?

The first situation, the networking, is more effective in that respect, right?

So visibility is important, giving free workshops or doing FB lives are great, but when it comes to getting clients, the good old outreach strategies are far more effective.

What will help to get visible?

In general I’d say there are 4 marketing strategies you can choose from that are effective to get visible in your market place. And there are literally numerous tactics that you can deploy for each of the marketing strategies you choose.

  1. Public speaking
  2. Writing & publicity
  3. Promotional events
  4. advertising

Check your marketing game plan

Yes, those are ideally **strategic choices**. And ideally you have mapped it out in a well-thought out marketing game plan for your business that includes the strategies you’ll deploy to reach your goals. If you haven’t taken the time yet to create your marketing plan, or don’t know what to include check out our free template and start now.

You can get my marketing plan FREE TEMPLATE HERE.

So how important is regular “posting on Facebook” and will it help to be more visible?

It’s a very good question. First and foremost, Facebook currently has 2.60 billion monthly active users on average (source: backlinko.com). Which demonstrates the incredible potential of this platform.

“Facebook currently has 2.60 billion monthly active users on average.”

Now whether it has potential for your business really depends on a number of things.

For example on the size of your following. If your FB business page only has a couple of hundred followers of which the majority are your family, friends and neighbors, and you don’t consider them as your ideal client – I’d say the effect of being visible in order to get potential clients to Know, Like and Trust you is relatively low.

Another factor that needs consideration is the extent to which your posts are able to raise engagement (comments, shares, likes). That’s when the algorithms make sure your posts get in front of more people.

So, in short, if your overall business goal is to create more impact, help more clients, earn more money and you’d come to me for help on your marketing, I’d never ever suggest you blindly to do e.g. weekly facebook lives or increase your daily posting just to increase your visibility.

That is, not if we haven’t secured first that you e.g. have actually a decent following, your content is engaging, that you’re using the right features like hash tags for your potential clients or future partners so people beyond your following can find you.

Or that your 5-star client makes up for 90% of your following (quality referrals by auntie Jane in general won’t happen too often), you have opt-ins and some funnels in place etc.

We have only so much time, energy and resources so you want to use it wisely! Especially if you are a solo entrepreneur, doing everything yourself.

We’d probably focus first on what the real problem is. And it’s likely that outreach strategies would work for you better and faster than focusing on increasing your visibility, just because everybody else seems to be at it.

Having that said, what are some good practices you could model when it comes to posting on FB?

Here’s 6 types that I’ve seen around and that I myself use often:

  1. Use images of yourself in stead of images that look like stock-photo’s or just dull images without you or any people at all in it.

2. Ask questions. It can be anything, about anything: The name of your new program, a logo, your new profile pic, yes even your new hair style. Be willing to ask for feedback and listen to what is and isn’t working. It builds engagement and loyalty.

3. Use fill-in-the-blank posts. You’ve seen them come by. They’re super engaging and fun!

4. Ask for a photo caption. I’ve seen these posts run by lots of influencers. They post a funny or quaint pic of an office situation and they ask you for a photo caption. It’s amazing how many people respond. And they all try to outwit one another. Which is really funny for everyone and it builds great brand awareness.

5. Post inspirational quotes, best are your own to expose your authority or people you and your audience admire.

6. Obviously: The self-promo posts. But make sure that you do this modestly. I think 80% should be value and entertaining, and maybe the rest commercial self-promotion.

Remember: Social media is primarily about making friends, not about getting sales. If you understand that, you’ll going to do quite well on the Know-Like-Trust scale.

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