3 counterintuive pricing hacks that make you confident as never before!

Still feeling unsure about your pricing? Here’s my best 3 counterintuitive pricing hacks that nobody else teaches, but that actually work brilliantly. They’re proven hacks to feel super confident about your pricing. It works for me, it works for my clients. And trust me, it’ll work for you too!

Confident about pricing

When we think about pricing and how much we charge for our services, packages and products, doubts tend to crawl up on us immediately. I personally have yet to meet a female entrepreneur who is a 100% confident about her pricing!

Sub-conscious thoughts

Even if we say we’re confident, it might be that our reasoning  – which gets reflected in our marketing, the words we use and the pricing we choose, show signs of some deep rooted non-supporting subconscious thoughts about ourselves and money in general. I guess we’re all familiar with that. 

Make-or-break your sales

But as you know, pricing is such an important part of marketing. It can really be the make-or-break factor of your sales. Heck, it’s even one of the crucial foundational mechanisms that determine the success of your entire business model.

Also, there’s so much energy tied to it!

We, as intuitive entrepreneurs, really can have a tough time when it comes to pricing and asking for the higher price. You know, going back and forth between thoughts and emotions.

Safe versus Bold

We keep on secondguessing ourselves whether this SAFE, nice-feeling price point is the way to go OR that we should go for the BOLD price point – which actually feels even greater but only when we allow ourselves to imagine that it actually would work and people would be happy to pay us that kind of money! Right?

Doubts, doubts, doubts.

Here are some of them:

  • Is what I’m charging too high / too low?
  • Yeah, but I need and money clients NOW – so maybe I could lower the price point for the time being?
  • What will my clients think about me or my level of expertise if I charge so little?
  • If I truly belief I’m the best, shouldn’t I be charging the most?
  • My peers/competitors charge more/less than I, what shall I do?
  • I don’t want to compete on price, but I also don’t want to risk not getting clients
  • What if I would start out at this low price point and then go higher – but how high?
  • Maybe I should wait and see where the sales conversation goes and on the spot determine what I will charge?

If it sounds like you, raise your hand! 🖐😉

Feeling unsure about your pricing?

Killing the MYTH…

When it comes to marketing and sales, there is one MYTH that I want to solve right now: It’s not easier to sell lower-priced products or services than to selling higher-priced products or services.

Think of it: Even at a lower price point, you still need a sales process.

It’s still the same work you have to do. It requires time, energy, money. You probably need even more clients to hit your revenue goals. That actually means a lot more work and a lot more risk that along the way you give up! 

So instead, I’d like to encourage you to try these…

Counterintuitive pricing hacks! They work. I promise you.

Now, these are my secret, super elegant and simple, yet counterintuitive pricing hacks that make you confident about your pricing as never before. Here they are:

  1. When in doubt, choose the high-end route

Love love love this one myself! No kidding, this has ‘rescued’ me and a lot of my clients every time! Use this rule of thumb, it will make your life sooooo easy.

It’s really counterintuitive. Because most of the time, when we are doubting price points and can’t decide between the lower or higher ones we have in mind, we end up choosing the lower one. That’s how our brain works! 

We actually reason ourselves out of the higher price point.

My advice: When in doubt, go for the high-end route. Here’s how it works:

Whenever you’re in that position of thinking what to charge: Stop yourself immediately and ask yourself

👉”What would be the high-end equivalent of that lower price point?”

(e.g. you’re thinking charging 497 or 997 for a 6 weeks course. The real high-end pricing would be something like 1997 or 2497)

Next question:

👉”What would be needed to make it worth that price point to your 5-star client?

Brainstorm it, write it down. And you’ll see that you come to the conclusion that your offer probably just needs a modification to make it totally worth it for your clients. Remember: It’s all about THEM and the results THEY get.

e.g. If I would help you to accomplish something you want badly in 6 weeks rather than 6 years – would that be worth 1997 to you? Totally, right?!

I just need to give you the tools to get that kind of results, right? So you can do that too for your client. Just give them what’s necessary, fix it and then go for it!

  1. Include rates on your website

That’s right…scary!!! Totally counterintuitive, because we tend to feel afraid that we scare people off by showing high rates, or rates in general even long before you talk to them and had the opportunity to SELL them into work with you.

Well here’s my refreshing viewpoint: 

We don’t sell, but we COMPELL.😃

When you work or worked with me in the past, you know we make sure your marketing is set up in a way that people qualify themselves as your 5 Star Client. 

And this counterintuitive hack will make sure you attract the RIGHT leads and prospects. (remember: Those are the ones who have a problem, have the motivation to do something about it right now and have the means for it).

Yeah…but how? Here’s an example

Let’s have a look how it’s done in the automobile industry.

As a consumer you ALWAYS know what a particular car would cost you. And you’d prepare yourself first, before dropping by for a sales conversation at the dealership. You would make sure you have an idea what car you want, what it approximately would cost you and that you actually have access to that kind of money.

Now, would you be a hot prospect for the sales force at the Porsche dealership when you’d enter his show room? You bet! You qualified yourself and they know it.

And that’s what having rates (or rate ranges) on your website will do. It will filter out the people that aren’t serious enough or ready yet. And talking only to those 5 Star prospects  will make you feel so confident!

But be careful: There’s a good way and a bad way to do it!

It’s evidently why the saying exists “price out of context kills the sale”. But when done right, it will make a HUGE difference.

Now…. our last pricing hack:

  1. Have a good old fashioned rate sheet

Really?! Yep. Counterintuitive, because a rate sheet sounds so geeky and old school! Nobody’s teaching it. True. I see why: It’s not sexy at all. And that makes a rate sheet highly underestimated!

But I know the real power of it! Cause here’s the thing: It truly makes your life so much easier when you just grab your rate sheet and… read what’s on it!

I teach my clients this super counterintuitive old school hack all the time. They swear by it.

Here’s where I got the idea:

One day I watched a Netflix movie. The girl in the leading roll wanted a boob job done, so she went to see the best plastic surgeon. After he showed her the before and after images, and explained the process she was convinced so she asked “how much is it?”

What do you think the doctor did?

He grabbed a rate sheet from his desk and said with a straight face:

“It’s 15000 dollars, you can pay at the front desk with your credit card.”

(accompanied by “I couldn’t care less if you do it or not”-smile)

Wow!! Isn’t that brilliant?! That’s how it’s done!

In the moment supreme, you detach yourself from being a specialist and you step into the persona of an… admin person. That’s right, not even a sales person but an administrative employee!

Can you do that? Reading outloud what’s on a piece of paper? Sure you can! Anyone can!

You just need:

  1. Qualified prospects that pre-selected themselves
  2. Clear and fixed pricing
  3. A rate sheet as your magical tool


So these are the pricing hacks that are so SIMPLE and elegant that you almost would underestimate them let alone try them. But mark my words: Just implement one or more of the hacks, and you’ll see the difference in your confidence level and results immediately. Let me know how it changed your life, OK? 😊

Need more of my help?

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Pricing is such an important part of marketing. It can really be the make-or-break factor of your sales. It’s even one of the crucial foundational mechanisms that determine the success of your entire business model. 

Here’s my best 3 counterintuitive pricing hacks that nobody else teaches, but that actually work brilliantly to feel super confident about your pricing:  

  1. Rule of thumb: When in doubt, go for the high end route
  2. When done the right way: Include rates on your website
  3. Have a rate sheet do the hard work for you

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