Are you working on the right Marketing projects?

{video 6min} – Hey lady, stop working on your marketing projects that won’t get you any

closer to your goals!

‘Nice to do’ can be a waste of time…

Very important, because I see a lot of women entrepreneurs, and some of them my clients even, working on things that are NICE  to do, but won’t necessarily get them closer to the results they want in their business. And when you add up to that that we don’t have a lot of time to work on our business, those things are actually a waste of time!

A matter of the right priorities

I know your brain will kick this message out, trying to convince you that it IS worthwhile, it is neccessary, it is an investment for the future etc.etc. But believe me, there are other, more IMPORTANT things, you currently should be working on. That is, IF you’re not yet having the income that you desire. It’s a matter of setting the right priorities.

Be critical on your Marketing project

So, I would say that it is a very important skill to know what marketing projects you work on. Because you obviously want to work on the marketing projects that get you e.g. the leads that you can convert into high paying clients so that you ultimately can generate the revenue that you want for your business, right?That is really the way to think ,when you’re doing your marketing. So, review the projects you’re currently working on and actually ask yourself:

“is this project leading me straight to my goal or not?”

Clear answers

And you really want to have a clear answer. Because if it’s “Oh, I don’t know,” then I would say skip it!! For now, at least. When it’s a big yes you are focused on the results and you have it really clear for yourself that this is what you need to work on. But if you’re actually “Oh, actually, I don’t know if it’s necessary that I make this improvement to my website or make this quote cards or spend another hour on social media…” If you have this feeling that it won’t lead you straight to your goals, well, it’s probably a waste of time.

Develop a result-driven mindset

And it all starts with being clear about your goals, right? You know exactly what you need to accomplish and by when. So, if this is clear for you, you set yourself up for a more result-driven mindset and from that mindset you’re better equipped or your better able to choose what to work on.

Work on the ‘right’ Marketing project

Always be checking yourself whether you’re working on the right things. And if not, stop working on the marketing projects that:

1) aren’t either giving you new leads, or

2) that aren’t follow-up actions with prospects,

3) that aren’t leading to more sales conversations or that

4) won’t help you close more clients and sales etc.

Very straightforward? Yes, indeed! But this is what will get you closer to your goals without too much distractions along the way.

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