Get More Clients With the Lunch Bait Strategy.

The Lunch Bait Strategy is an effective conversion-hack to get more clients. It might sound a little sneaky, like you’re trying to trick-lure your prospective client into something. But that’s not the case at all. The strategy moves your prospects further down the Know-Like-Trust process. 

In this article I will teach you:

  1. What a Lunch Bait Strategy entails
  2. What to offer
  3. At what price-point
  4. The mindset to get more clients with the Lunch Bait Strategy



“People do business with people they know, like, trust.”

Firstly, I’ve said it and will have to say it again: People have to trust you first, before they’re willing to invest big money to work with you. In general a strong relationship is built over time, not overnight. So like with any relationship, you better take it slow.

But not too slow…

However, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do to intensify and speed up a little the stage your relationship currently is in. Just like in real life: You could wait a 100 years for the phone to ring or… you could just be the captain of your own soul and ask the person you’ve got an eye on, out for lunch.

Why lunch?

You see, lunch is always fine. It happens at daylight. It can take as little as 30 minutes. And the worst thing that could happen is that you couldn’t fully enjoy your Croque Monsieur (aka the grilled cheese sandwich), because either your lunch buddy is too entertaining or a big bore. But at least you’d have a full stomach. Right?

Part of your lead-funnel

The Lunch Bait Strategy is designed to get more clients. There’s no serious risk involved. Not for the prospect, or for you. It’s part of your lead funnel that you have mapped out in your marketing plan. Don’t you have a markeitng plan yet? Grab our FREE guide HERE, that will help you design your marketing plan in 8-steps.

Have them check you out

It’s really perceived as very low/no risk. But it does give your prospects the opportunity to buy something small from you, rather than one of your more expensive services. For them it’s just a little investment -in time, money and energy – to check you out, see what happens, how they feel about you, and just to have a little taste what you’re really about.

Your goal: Opening the gate and get more clients

For you, the Lunch Bait strategy has one goal only: To change the relationship. With them turning from stranger into client, you’ve created a whole new dimension and you opened up the golden gate for further exploration.


OK, short recap: The Lunch Bait has one goal and that is to convert strangers into clients. You can use the strategy to generate more conversions, i.e. to get more clients. It involves “luring in” clients with low-cost, low-risk offers.

Remember: They might like you but not neccessarily trust you

If you offer services like e.g. life or leadership coaching, health or weight-loss advice, relationship mediation, financial consulting etc. it’s likely you sell somewhat higher ticketed 1-1 or group packages, that are priced at at least $1,000 and more. Right?

To us it’s a fair price, considering what they get from it. But for a person to spend that kind of money on someone or a business with which he/she has literally NO experience at all, it’s a lot! We must never forget that.

If you don’t have strong social proof

And if you haven’t been in business too long, you might not have super strong social proof that takes away all the doubts to overcome objections and speed up the conversions. Heck, even if you think you have super strong credentials, people always stay a bit suspicious.

It’s how we’re wired as humans…

It’s just how we are natural wired as human species. We have to stay alert to stay alive, right? Otherwise you can be eaten by a dinosaur.

What to offer?

Now to incentivize conversions, you might create “no-brainer” offers that involve just a little investment. Think of a super mini-course that supplements one of your primary programs. It could include one or two short videos of no more than 10 minutes each. Or super helpful and valuable checklists that saves them a lot of time or energy or a bundle of very helpful articles that are specifically of interest to them and they otherwise couldn’t find unless they spend 10 hours googling the internet.

It needs to fullfil on their hopes!

Remember the ‘real life’ example of the Lunch Bait? They hope the lunch they have with you won’t be a waste of their time and that you’re as nice as a person as they expect you to be just from the looks of you.

Whatever you offer, keep in mind that your goal is that it has just to be a taste of what you have to offer. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be big or grand. Although it should be good. And it needs to fulfill on the hope they have.


That’s the question I always get. It seems to be the most agoning part of this Lunch Bait strategy. Here’s the strategy around that:

I all depends on your 5-star Client Avatar.

You have to know what a “no-brainer” offer is to him/her. It has nothing to do with what YOU think it’s worth, but everything what your 5-star client perceives as a great bargain…

Afterall, remember the one and only goal for your Lunch Bait is to change the relationship from stranger into client.

Having that said, I’ve seen Lunch Baits in the market for as little as $7 up to even a $100. What you’d choose should depend of what your 5-star Avatar is willing to spend or considers a small amount of money than a huge chunk for just a little taste of what you’ve got cooking.

Proof of concept

Your Lunch Bait serves as proof of concept. It shows your prospects that you deliver on what you promise. Which means that you are trustworthy. And the thing you offer should be an example of your quality and level of expertise. It also should be ‘wowing’ them to the extent that they say:

“OK I’m happy to have tried this, it was really good. What else is she offering?”

Ascension from lead-funnel to client-funnel

And that’s when the acceleration starts. Because now they’re in your “client”-funnel instead of your “lead”-funnel. That means you can market to them via email and other means to convert them on the more intense offers up to your larger programs.

And trust me, this feels so much better! And for one reason only: Because we know they expect us to give more opportunities so they can ultimately achieve their personal goals with your help.

Suddenly it’s a win-win situation!


Wait a minute, why not giving it for free?

Now you get how the Lunch Bait Strategy works, you might wonder why you have to charge for the lunch bait and not give this low-risk offer for free. It’s simple:

“When people pay, they pay attention.”

Sometimes it’s better to offer a product service at a very low price point, than to offer it for free.

People don’t always value free.

See it like this: If you don’t put a value on your offer your prospects probably won’t, either. But when you charge even a very low amount, and better yet state the actual value that they get for that small amount they’re paying you – you send the message that you assign value to your own product — and so should everyone else!

Most freebie-hunters never even open your product once they received it. And all the while you just want to help them.

So it all comes down to the mindset:

“I’m disserving my people by giving all my stuff away for free.”

If you really want to help them achieve their goals in their life, they have to pay attention! And when they pay you, at least they pay attention for at long as it lasts. Your job as a marketer that is marketing her business, is just to have them pay even MORE attention and get them into action.

That’s how we will impact lives and change the world.

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