How to get new clients by the end of 2017.


It aint over till it’s over, ladies! Christmas holidays soon will start, but we are unstopable.


I challenge you to get (at least) 1 more new client, 1 more sale or 1 more deal by the end of the year.


Well, that’s simple: we need to feel victorious!! Getting at least 1 more client is the best start we can give ourself for this new year.

We’re A-players so we give it all we got till the very end to achieve our goals.

Now is the perfect time. People are in the buying mode!

Mindset: we LOVE our clients and they are waiting for us to give them the perfect solution to their problems.

Who do you target: the low hanging fruit!

People who already know, like and trust you: clients, former clients, prospective clients, people on your list, people you spoke with earlier and who were very interested in you/your services/products, your followers on social media, people in your network etc. etc.

How to do it? Make a list, connect, have a conversation and if you feel they need what you have to give: MAKE THE OFFER. Get clients!

That is: actually saying the words “would you like to work with me, buy this from me, do business together…etc.etc.”. Make your offer explicit.

GOOD LUCK, you can do it!! 

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