6 types of FB posts that always work

Posting to get people engaged with you and your brand is less about what “comes easy” or just increasing visibility and more about doing what works. Here are 6 types of posts that always work. “I want to be more visible…” This is the single MOST thing that people tell me when I ask them…

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How I’ve been preparing for the crisis.

{video 10min} Vitamine C…sold out. Paracetamol…sold out. Toilet paper…sold out. Our world is definitely in a crisis. And we see the consequences showing up everywhere. In my city, in Amsterdam, at our local supermarket around the corner. At the online drugstore where I do my shopping. The thing is We’re all getting a bit nervous.…

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How to decide on your pricing (and avoid undercharging)

{video 8min} Have you ever struggled in deciding what to charge for your products or services? Like you’re thinking, “Okay, should I charge 495 (EUR/USD) or should I charge 1,997?” Well, if you have, keep watching. Because I have this really valuable tip for you. One that will make a world of difference the next…

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How to raise your prices without feeling greedy or anxious.

Ever felt your prices are already a stretch to you and your client? Try this strategy to raise your prices without feeling greedy or anxious.   Are you familiar with the “Quickest Strategy to Earning More Money“? I was discussing it with one of my clients the other day. It’s about…charging higher prices. Actually an obvious strategy: Want…

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