How I’ve been preparing for the crisis.

{video 10min} Vitamine C…sold out. Paracetamol…sold out. Toilet paper…sold out. Our world is definitely in a crisis. And we see the consequences showing up everywhere. In my city, in Amsterdam, at our local supermarket around the corner. At the online drugstore where I do my shopping. The thing is We’re all getting a bit nervous.…

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How to decide on your pricing (and avoid undercharging)

{video 8min} Have you ever struggled in deciding what to charge for your products or services? Like you’re thinking, “Okay, should I charge 495 (EUR/USD) or should I charge 1,997?” Well, if you have, keep watching. Because I have this really valuable tip for you. One that will make a world of difference the next…

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How to raise your prices without feeling greedy or anxious.

Ever felt your prices are already a stretch to you and your client? Try this strategy to raise your prices without feeling greedy or anxious.   Are you familiar with the “Quickest Strategy to Earning More Money“? I was discussing it with one of my clients the other day. It’s about…charging higher prices. Actually an obvious strategy: Want…

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