How to raise your prices without feeling greedy or anxious.

Ever felt your prices are already a stretch to you and your client? Try this strategy to raise your prices without feeling greedy or anxious.


Are you familiar with the Quickest Strategy to Earning More Money“? I was discussing it with one of my clients the other day. It’s about…charging higher prices.

Actually an obvious strategy: Want to earn more? Just ASK more.

This client however, called out somewhat fearful: “But I already raised my prices recently!!”

Ever felt this way too?
That your prices are already a huge stretch? To you AND your client?

Ignoring it and charging even more, may cause LOTS of anxiety. (“What if I price myself out of the market? or “What will people think of me when I charge THAT much?” etc.).

Doing more of the ‘inner’ work may help, so that someday we’re ready to step into our courageous BIG Self, that allows us to charge more.


What if we DO have reached the absolute ceiling? Or what if we have such stubborn false beliefs around money and worthiness? How will we earn more money the next day?

Well, I introduced another important strategy, that I’d thought you might be interested in as well.

Here’s what I teach my clients. 
By the way, this strategy will help you earn more money WITHOUT feeling anxious or greedy.

On the contrary. This strategy will make you feel professional, worthy and of complete integrity!


In short: you charge WAY MORE for something that is of WAY MORE VALUE. Which will give even MORE and BETTER RESULTS (in terms of money & number of clients)!

Knowing how to leverage your offer will ACCELERATE your results.

Sounds good, right?


Let’s talk about food. You can charge only so much for a bowl of plain rice, right? (Yes, even when it’s the lovely aromatic Pandan rice.) But when you add some meat, vegetables, a nice little egg to it and some spices, it suddenly becomes a super delicious oriental rice dish which is of 4X MORE VALUE to your hungry client!

Will your client be happy with it? You bet!
Will he come back for more? You bet!
Will he refer his friends to you? You bet!
Will he gladly pay 4x the price of the plain rice, just to get this mouthwatering dish?


It’s that simple! And you can apply this principle to your business immediately.

So here’s my tip:

STOP OFFERING PLAIN RICE. Start looking for the things that are already in your kitchen, that not only can ‘spice up’ your offer but really expand it.

Ask yourself: What can I add that increases substantially the value of the product or service I’m offering right now?And make sure that your new offer is balanced, that it’s answering to your client’s desires and that your price-point is stretchy- but still comfortable enough.That is the art of LEVERAGING THE OFFER.

In my new yearlong Marketing program I have an entire online training on this topic alone. Because, as with almost all Marketing strategies: it’s simple, but you need to know how to do it correctly to really make it work.

Think about it. And give it a try. Because it works.
(My client could kiss me.)

And never forget: You deserve to make more money, your client deserves more value. I see a HUGE win-win here.

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