Accelerated results with the 3RX Model©

The topic of this article is the 3RX Model© to accelerate results of a service-based business. If you are a coach, trainer or consultant (like most of my clients) and you offer services, the following teaching can be very helpful to you. I choose this topic because a lot of entrepreneurs don’t realize that increasing marketing results can be so simple. Let me show you how it works.

Elegance and simplicity

Although the name of this model may suggest the model is complicated, I promise you it’s NOT. If you know me a bit, you know I’m a firm believer of making things simple and fun to get great results. So this is one of those simple and elegant models that I teach to help my clients understand how to increase their results.

Here’s the secret equation is: 3*R*Action (X) = Accelerated Results (AR).

Our simple model looks like this:

How does it work?

There are some variables here. First we have the R’s, those are marketing strategies. And there are 3 of them.

Should you choose to leverage only 1R, you’re results will increase.

Within each of the R’s, there are several marketing actions you can do to increase the effectiveness of each R. Again, if you would only focus on 1 marketing action within 1R, you would gain laser focus. And wherever there is laser focus, results and opportunities show up. So that’s good.

However, it can get better or even great…

So you can choose to focus on 1R and maybe several actions within that particular segment. But if you would focus your energy, time and effort on all 3 R’s you get what most entrepreneurs only dream of, which is: Accelerated Results. You get to choose!

That’s the model.

Now let’s have a deeper dive into the separate segments, the 3R’s.

The Marketing strategies

R1 = Relationships

The first R is what I call the cornerstone of every service-based marketing strategy: Relationships.

There is no way anyone can build a lucrative business if you’re not building strong relationships! Like with everything, there’s a way to do it right and a way to do it wrong. More on that in a bit.

Building relationships is about increasing the KLT-factor, the Know-Like-Trust factor: People have to know and like you, before they even consider to trust you with their money and attention, for that matter.

The marketing strategy of building relationships should really be your #1 priority.

A lot of entrepreneurs don’t focus on this strategy, and as a result they’re not doing enough to get the trust of strangers. Don’t forget: Most clients were once strangers. They become clients, because they trusted you enough to seek for help.

The right way: Marketing tactics that build relationships

What are the right marketing tactics, the actions you could take that would increase the effectiveness of your relationship building? This is a snippet of the list I give my clients to choose from:

  • Lunch dates (virtual or in-person)
  • Coffee dates (virtual or in-person)
  • Giving talks (educational topics for the right fit audience)
  • Publishing valuable content online and offline
  • Personal emails or chats
  • Social media relationship building  

The wrong way: Marketing tactics that can harm relationships.

  • Emails, chats, phone calls, letters that are only hyping your services
  • Subscribing people to newsletters or blogs they never requested – just because you had a person’s business card. (GDPR rules apply when you’re based in EU!)
  • Posting and bombarding your social networking contacts with promo messages

The more variation in the marketing actions, the more you will increase the effectiveness of your relationship building. Also the more you do of one or several actions, the more you will increase the effectiveness of that particular tactic.

R2 = Reach out

A lot of people don’t consider reaching out to people as a marketing strategy. They are wrong. This is such a powerful strategy, because you take the lead. It’s action versus reaction.

There’s a big difference in sending out something (a relationship building tactic) and then simply wait and react than rather then reaching out to people. 

It’s often more uncomfortable, and therefore neglected as much as possible by many. Most entrepreneurs seek the comfort of relying on the ‘build-and-wait strategy’.

Like the never ending perfection of their websites with promo copy or online networking with people you don’t know a thing about and who don’t know you, or desperately wanting to try FB ads and other pay-per-click ads like google adwords.

But marketing your service-based business is about human interaction. They have to get to know you. And the fastest and most effective way to have them like you and trust you is by reaching out to them.

You make the move. It’s the difference between waiting with your coffee in your hand in a corner of a big seminar room, politely smiling to people or walking towards someone with a big genuine smile saying ‘Hi, I’m so-and-so how are you?’

Never forget: You are in the business of marketing yourself. Show them who you are by reaching out.


Generating referrals and referral partners, people who send others to come to your by way of a referral, is an essential component and great marketing strategy. Oftentimes, referrals have already decided to work with you when you hear from them, which is obviously great.

However, there are a couple of pitfalls you don’t want to step in when it comes to referrals:

  1. Relying solely on referrals

A lot of entrepreneurs feel such a relief when they found their “golden” referral partner. You know, that one client or good friend that has a perfect network and is raving about you and your services all the time. However, you wouldn’t be the first to get into trouble if that one or few referral partner vanished. And they do!

Referral partners are humans too. Meaning, they get a new job and they’re too busy to be on the look-out for you. Or they have life-events that take up all their time and energy and your business isn’t their priority. They get excited by other people than only you, who they would like to help out. Etc.

And most of all: Their pool of your perfect future clients sooner or later dries up.

So I always encourage to include the marketing strategy of referral building, but not as your exclusive strategy. Because no matter what, in building your business it’s very important that you are the one that is in control of your leads flow.

2. Not building a referral strategy

Another pitfall with regards to referrals is not making it strategic. Your best results always are generated by a system. So with referrals, it’s easy to say “oh if you know someone…”. But that doesn’t count as a strategy. Only as a wish.

So try to build a referral system that systemizes the process of getting multiple referral partners and that educates your referral partners of what  you’re exactly looking for in a client. And you might even want to consider referral fee’s to take this strategy to the next level.

Marketing tactics include:

  • A referral education letter
  • A referral fee program
  • Referral partner newsletter
  • Referral scripts and reminders


So these are the 3R’s. How do you get Accelerated Results? By deploying each of these strategies and within these strategies as much of the effective tactics that you can do on a weekly or daily basis! Remember, you can choose to focus on 1R and maybe several actions within that particular segment. But if you would focus your energy, time and effort on all 3 R’s you get what most entrepreneurs only dream of, which is: Accelerated Results. You get to choose!

Helpful questions to ask yourself:

  • Which of the R’s do I focus on right now?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how would I rate the effectiveness of each of these R’s?
  • What can I do to improve the number and effectiveness of the highest performing R?
  • If I’m not currently deploying all 3R’s, which R would be my next strategy to increase?
  • What tactics will I use to make it effective?

Helpful? Insights? Questions? Post below in the comments!

Your marketing game plan consists of a customized set of strategies and tactics that match with your unique strengths, preferences and the stages your business is in. Would you like my help on creating your marketing game plan? And teach you how to implement and execute on the tactics that will increase your marketing results? Email me at and we’ll set up a time to talk.

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