My 5-step roadmap to creating a consistent income.

If you’re like most of my clients and me, you have a corporate background. Before you decided to work for yourself, you maybe had a great career going on, a high-profile executive job, an office to go to every day. And what was the best thing about having a job (apart from the friendly colleagues that became lifetime friends)? Right, the salary!!

Can you recall that time that you received a nice sum of money every month? Just for showing up? (And ok, do some work between 9-5😀). Unbelievable, right? For most entrepreneurs, the first goal is when they start, to replace that salary. But many struggle -sometimes for years- to achieve that.

I’ve helped tons of coaches, trainers, and experts create a consistent monthly income. For some, it was ‘only’ 1K a month, for others as high as 20K a month. The number doesn’t matter. What mattered was that it was possible to have month-after-month consistent cash flow coming in without stress or frustration. 

Over the years, by helping others and walking the path myself for my own business, I’ve discovered the five indispensable steps to building a ‘salary’-like monthly income. You see, there’s more to it than getting the marketing machine running. Read on to find out what the steps are!

Step 1: Belief, belief, belief.

It’s funny, but many entrepreneurs forget to believe that they will make a certain amount of money every month. When we were an employee, it was out of the question that we’d even have the slightest doubt that we would earn at least [xxx] a year or [xxx] a month. Right?

We were so confident! Knowing that we had all the degrees and perfect perspectives, we knew peers who earned the equivalent, etc. But when we became self-employed, our belief vanished from day one.

I’m here to tell you that if we don’t believe that we will make a consistent income, we won’t. Ever. 

Manifesting starts with unwavering belief. Like in that, it feels absurd even to think that it won’t happen! If we don’t believe it, it won’t ever feel real, and we can work our butt off and market all we want and do all the things that people (our mentors) tell us to do, but we will never reach our goal. 

And so we start with the deep belief that you can and will make 10K EUR/USD per month (insert your number!). And if you don’t feel it yet, that’s ok. However, we need an intention from you that you’re open. So that’s where it starts. 

Belief is like a muscle, right? When we try to reach our toes the first time we do yoga, I certainly can’t touch the ground with the palm of my hand right away. I probably need to start with 10 inches above my toes. And then slowly, over time and with LOTS of consistency, I can reach the floor with ease. That’s how it is with the deep belief. 

As I said, it’s ok if you don’t feel it right away. The important thing is to keep working on the belief muscle—every day. That is step 1.

Step 2: Allocate the cash flow. 

In other words: Know precisely the purpose of the money coming in. Money needs an outlet! This may sound ridiculous, but hear me out. 

Many of us lead, if I may say, a relatively good life. We are fortunate to have access to certain resources. That might be some savings, investments, real estate, or some other income stream or money resource. Whatever it is, there is most likely some safety net that keeps us from eating dry bread every day. Right?

That causes that we like the idea of a steady monthly income, but more to boost our self-confidence or the peace of mind that “the endeavor worked out well in the end.” But the actual necessity – other than that we won’t die without leaving the earth a little bit better – is missing. And therefore money becomes somewhat meaningless.

I hear a lot of coaches literally say, “It’s not about the money.” That’s where I see a lot of people go wrong. Many entrepreneurs don’t get extremely clear on the energy side of things. They say out loud that the thing they want to attract isn’t important AND they don’t define the purpose of the desired monthly income they want to make at all! 

Ever heard of: “To make money, you have to spend money”? Well, it starts by energetically spending the money first, down to the actual penny!

Because when we do that, we take our intangible goal and turn that into something tangible. That’s when the magic happens. 

So what do you allocate your cash flow to? Whatever feels realistic and pleasing to you. But remember to be honest (e.g., don’t say you’ll donate 25% unless you mean it and do it) and be super specific with the numbers.

Your homework: Grab a piece of paper or put it in your excel and make a list of what you will allocate your monthly income to. Include things like, e.g., reservation for tax, credit card pay off, monthly cloths/self-care budget, monthly donations, coaching & training investment, marketing budget, savings, etc.

Now it’s time for step 3.

Step 3: Determine EXACTLY what you will do daily.

Most heart-centered entrepreneurs into LOA (Law of Attraction) think they understand manifesting, but frankly, they don’t always. They believe that manifesting is repeating mantras, think positively, only doing things they like to do. True. But then they wish… a magical little fairy will appear and give them the money or do the marketing for them! 

Well, that’s not how it works. We have to roll up our sleeves and implement and take massive, aligned action.

I talk about this all the time in my Marketingsprint Formula program. I teach my clients exactly how to figure out what you’re going to do daily, and we’ll build out your custom game plan for hitting your particular monthly income goal. 

I love simplicity, so I always try to keep it simple. My clients know that. Here’s why:

The secret to success is choosing a simple set of specific marketing actions that you like and do them over and over again until you get good results consistently.

 Sandra Fisser

You need a customized game plan with your exact set of daily marketing activities, that first of all get you unstuck and that have the magnetic attraction energy to speed up traction. With such clarity, you can take massive aligned action. And we all know what happens next: Clients will knock on your door from expected and unexpected corners.

Step 4: Self-reflect and tackle obstacles. 

I teach marketing, but I can’t ignore when clients encounter inner obstacles along the way. Our outer world reflects our inner world. So, for example, if you’re not getting the results you want with your marketing, something is holding you back despite the effort you put in. Because, frankly, if you have a goal of a certain monthly income and you have the plan to get there, but you struggle to get the result, there’s something off. 

Suppose we don’t have some self-awareness around our obstacles. In that case, we’re going to be stuck making the same mistakes over and over and over again!

Most of my clients have been in multiple business programs before working with me to get real results. Here’s what I know: When somebody joins a marketing or business coaching program, there may be some initial fears or limiting beliefs (fear of failure, perfectionism, small thinking, etc.), so they don’t fully implement what they are taught.

And when those obstacles don’t disappear or worse, grow, they start thinking the coaching program or the coach isn’t right for them, because they’re not getting any traction in their business. So they bounce from coaching program to coaching program instead of implementing the strategies that their coach taught them. Can you relate? For sure I know everything about it! But I overcame my inner obstacles on that part. And now I help my clients overcome theirs.

So it’s so important to identify again and again our self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns. Then, when we know our obstacles, we can make clear, practical choices and moves to overcome them. By the way, it helps to have someone in your corner to help you with that process. Because it’s hard to see what you can’t see yourself…

Step 5: Commit to performing the game plan as if your life depends on it.

Now, this is a huge one. Let me tell you a little story. Years ago, I went to a small inner circle meeting with one of my mentors, Frank Kern. Do you know him? I love Frank. Anyway, we were in La Jolla, San Diego. Beautiful place. So Frank told us right away before we dove in any of the marketing strategies and funnel hatching he’d prepared for us, this important lesson:

It’s Victory or Death.

Think D-day: You’re dropped off on the beach. The boats are gone. There’s no way back. It’s either victory or death.

Frank Kern

Do you feel it? That urgency? I know; it’s masculine! And I have to admit that I was one of the only handful of women amidst a group of men. But I got goosebumps all over. I think everybody did. Even the highly successful entrepreneurs at my table. Because we knew he was right.

Now I teach this lesson to all my clients: If you want something for real, you must put your whole self into it. You can’t waver. You can’t say: Oh well, I don’t feel like it today. I know, we do it all the time. Because life gets in the way of our plans. But we have to get back at it as soon as we see how we self-sabotage.

There’s a pattern I’ve seen before from many women entrepreneurs. We make our game plan at the beginning of the month; we’re showing up the first week of the month all pumped and excited and ready to go.

And then, the first week, nothing happens. You’re not getting any response, and all your posts and emails are getting crickets. So, by the end of the second week, when you haven’t seen any progress, you’re discouraged, you second guess yourself, and you quietly start to back out. 

And maybe you say something like, “Oh, I’ll start fresh next month.” But what you’ve been doing in the first couple of weeks of the month, you’ve been warming people up; you’ve been giving them value. And right before your “payday” and right before you are about ready to have sales conversations with all those people you’ve been marketing to, you lose all the traction because you hit the pause button! 

So, knowing that, how is that going to change what you do? Victory or death. This little story of mine alone, believe it or not, could be the difference between you and you finally creating a consistent monthly income that makes you happy. This is why you must stay consistent with your game plan; you show up without fail every day till it’s over and you do not waver. 

First: get consistency in your income and then…

So those are the five steps. It’s hard to keep them up, and I know that from experience. But we have to. Once you know how to get a consistent monthly income, your next step is… to increase the cash flow coming in!

Sneak peek: You need to know only three strategies for that to happen: Get more clients, sell more to existing clients, and/or charge more or offer high-ticket programs. And for that, my friend, I have a whole new proven set of 9 steps to implement to get to that 6 figure milestone without stress or frustration. But I’ll save that for another blog 😉

Helpful? Insights? Questions? Let me know. I’d LOVE to hear from you.

All the best,




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