What you don’t know about your Perfect Client Avatar

OK there’s been written A LOT about perfect client avatars. Ever wondered why? Because it’s so SUPER important to your business!! That’s why. Every business coach or every Marketer can tell you that. But do you get why it’s so important? That’s the question.

And the answer lies in the real world. Look at your clients and then tell me if they resemble the perfect profile you sketched.. in 80% of the cases. If you landed on this blog, I assume you’re not quite there yet. Read below what we’re missing here…

Re-defining the profile?

“Yes, yes, perfect clients…avatars…I’ve already worked that out… I’m already familiar with that…. I know my perfect client.” Is that what you would say to me on this topic, if you had the chance? Well, you wouldn’t be the first! I think that 80% of my clients tell me that. Or at least mumble that, when we start re-defining their perfect client’s profile.

Well-known, little understood

But here’s the thing. The concept of the “Perfect Client Avatar” is well-known, but LITTLE understood! The majority of entrepreneurs THINKS they know about it, but the hard truth is they’re actually sabotaging their success because they’re missing the little nuances and details.

They say they have worked it out already.
They say they know who their perfect client is.
They say they even named their Avatar, so it comes alive.

But at the same time, they’re telling me:

They don’t know what to blog about every week.
They don’t know where to network or go to meet their perfect clients.
They don’t know what the ONE PROBLEM is that their product or services should solve.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Now imagine this…

Picture one of your best friends, your BFF that you spend the most time with.

Would you know what to blog about if you were writing for her?
Would you know where to go when you would look for her on a Saturday afternoon?
Would you know what one problem your magic product should solve for her, if you could make something that would really really change her life?


And that’s the difference between ‘yeah yeah I know my avatar’ and really KNOWING who he/she really is.

Got my point?

Make your Marketing work

So, listen carefully. If you want to make your Marketing work: Start refining and honing your Perfect Client’s Profile. Research it as if your life depends on it (really!). And put it ON PAPER. You will be amazed by the clarity you’ll get by doing that alone. And I promise you this will make a world of difference in your results.

Top 20 clarifying questions

Here’s my top 20 (yes, I have more 🙂 ) questions I give my clients to refine their Perfect Client’s Avatar. Use it to sketch your Avatar’s profile.

  1. What are the top 3 problems/challenges your perfect client struggles with?
  2. What are the reasons your perfect client would want to buy what you are offering?
  3. What are the common interests and needs of your perfect client?
  4. Is this perfect client relatively easy to find and to reach for you?
  5. Is your perfect client already searching for solutions and investing in it?
  6. What is their social and marital status?
  7. What are their hobbies?
  8. What is the lifestyle he/she has?
  9. What makes him/her happy in life?
  10. Where is your perfect client located geographically? Is their pool global or location specific?
  11. What are the job titles that your perfect client has?
  12. What industry(-ies) does he/she work in?
  13. How old are they typically?
  14. Gender? ? ☐Male ☐Female ☐ Doesn’t Matter
  15. What social media platform do they use, business wis, the MOST?
  16. What websites and online publications do they read?
  17. What are their interests?
  18. What groups are they members of, online and offline?
  19. What are some industry trends they’re currently focused on?
    What are their typical pain points or areas they need your help with?
  20. What are specific types of people and/or their companies or organizations that you would LOVE to work with?

Helpful? New insights? Questions? Leave your comment in the comment box please!


Your Next Steps

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