How to set yourself up for success in the next 6 months

{video 6 min.} – Today I want to talk to you about how we set ourselves up for success in the coming six months. Because it’s already July. And I know that some of us are really getting a bit nervous because we only have six months to go to achieve our year end target right? So I’m going to give you my three-step process, how to set yourself up for achieving your goals by the end of 2018.


First of all you are going to review what happened in the first six months. What did you do and what were your results? Make a list of what went well, what didn’t go that well, and what is it that you didn’t do?

Revenue generators

So for instance, look at all the products and programs that you created, that you sold. Which of them generated revenue, and how much revenue? Those are the revenue generators.

Best Marketing performers

Also you need to identify your best Marketing performers: Look at how many leads did you get and where did the leads come from? How may of the leads came from your website? How many leads did you generate from your networking activities? And how many leads did you get from your social activities on the social platforms?

You really want to dig in and see the results. Like how many of those leads converted into clients, and how many of those clients contribute to 80% of your revenue. So you really want to have this big overview of what went on in the six previous months of this year.


Then the second step is really to get your focus on this column that says this went really well, because in that column, there is the answer how to get success in the second half year.

Succes activators

Because there you’ve listed the things that really were selling good, your products, your programs, your services. In that first column you have traffic sources that performed the best for you. In that first column you have the marketing strategies that really worked well for you! So you only get your eyes on those things that got you RESULTS. I call that the success activators.

Amplify and win!

Cause then you are going to see which of those things contributed to 80% of your results, and that is really important. Because if you identify those, I guarantee you that, if you do more of that and us the marketing strategies that were working for you previously, you double at least your results in the second half year! As easy as that. So what you’re doing is amplifying and win!


And the third step is ask yourself this question: What kind of support could accelerate my results in the second half year?

Accelerate results by powerful support

I think that the answer to this question already is, well somewhere inside of you. It’s really intuitive because maybe you’ll have your eye on a certain business coach, or a marketing coach for that matter, or maybe a mastermind, or an online Marketingprogram.

I don’t know what, but sometimes you deeply feel inside, okay if I’m getting this kind of support now, I definitely would get bigger and better results.

So this is my three-step process. Quick recap:

  • First part is reviewing your revenue generators and best Marketing performers
  • Second part is focus the success activators, amplify and win!
  • And the third part is accelerate your results by getting powerful support!!

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Your Next Steps

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