How to get sales from social media


Are you a business owner and hanging out on social media like FB, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.? I bet you at least once asked yourself: How do I actually get leads from social media and how do I turn them into clients? Read this to get your answer…


Social influencing

In general the majority of business owners put a lot of effort in social influencing, meaning sharing valuable content to establish our authority and at the same time we do a lot of social networking. And some of us, if we suspect someone shows an  interest in what we do, take it a step further to private message them to continue deepen the relationship, sharing value or offer some more help. Right?


Manual prospecting

That is the most obvious way to follow up on potentially interested persons on social media: making 1-1 connections. It’s absolutely perfect for generating quality leads that are likely to convert into clients. If you spend the time ‘speaking’ one on one with every lead, you’re bound to have a high conversion rate – that is convert these strangers they once were into clients. This is what I call ‘manually prospecting’.


2 BIG disadvantages

However there are a few big disadvantages to this kind of manually prospecting. Those are the kind of problems and resistance that every business owner who relies solely on manual prospecting runs into after a while. Whether you’re a coach, trainer, consultant, artist or property investor.

  • It’s time consuming

The biggest disadvantage is obviously that it’s VERY time-consuming to spend all that time on social media platforms posting, networking, searching, investigating, observing every possible lead and contacting them by private messages, ‘speaking’ one on one with every lead. Especially because it’s often the case that the more successful we become, the busier we get as well. That means we have less time to go around on social and need to squeeze this strategy into our busy schedule to get it actually work for us.


  • Manual prospecting is limited

The second big disadvantage is that we would quickly run out of people to meet in our online and social networking circles. We have so much connections, but only a fraction of it is REALLY interested in what you might be able to add to their life. Social is social, meaning we’re not that picky in who we follow or why. We like to have friends, we like to see nice stuff. Even if it’s from people we haven’t met in our entire life or won’t probably ever. So we have to ever and ever grow our connections and following. Because the fewer new people we connect with, the fewer sales appointments we can book. The fewer sales appointments, the fewer the opportunities to sign new clients.


“So what alternative is there for manual prospecting on social media?

Well, let me introduce you to systems and automated Marketing.”


Get the Marketing cycle flowing

Marketing automation get’s the Marketing cycle flowing. Meaning: It helps you to get MORE leads into your pipeline without so much hassle and get them all the way through your conversion system. Marketing automation requires to do work up front to build a marketing system that captures leads and gets them ready to buy at some point. So it’s a lot of work, but it gets you maximum return CONSISTENTLY. Manual prospecting on the other hand, is maximum work for relatively minimum return.


Automated systems do the work for you!

Once you have the systems installed it does the work, so you don’t have to do the work. It runs like it’s supposed to and gets the job done every time. When you have a marketing automation system in place, it brings you leads and clients every single time (i.e. day, week, month). No more posting to social media without knowing how to monetize your efforts.


Capture leads on social media platforms and get them into your email list

Coming back to the question: How do you actually get leads from it and how do you convert them into clients? In the context of this question the first thing to know is that social media are a platform for getting traffic to something you offer to get them opt in for your  lead magnet.  And there are only 2 types of options: paid and free. As simple as that. Paid is like a FB ads and free is posting and offering your Lead magnet in a post. So you drive your traffic from the blogposts on social media, or straight away from your FB ads (or any social media platform for that matter).

So you get them clicking away from the social media platform. E.g. 1) drive them to your blog on your website where they can sign up for more valuable content, or 2) straight away to a landingpage where they opt-in for your e.g. Lead Magnet, or 3) even drive them directly to your salespage etc.


Example of driving traffic from social to blog on your website.


Example of driving traffic to directly your sales page.


Example of driving traffic to a landing page where people can opt-in.














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Get them into your sales funnel

Once on your list, you can get those leads further down into your sales funnel by following up with other valuabel content, and get them step by step closer to your conversion mechanism: whether that’s a strategy call, an event where you sell from the stage or a webinar. This is how you capture leads from social media and convert them systematically into clients.


Don’t get nuts over it, but move forward

“Do I really have to do all that?” is actually what pops up in a lot of peoples heads. And my answer is always: You don’t have to DO it – there are lots of people who can do it for you. However you do have to properly UNDERSTAND what your strategies should look like and what systems to design that support your goals. Because YOU are the CEO of your company, and to any business Marketing is the core driver for success.


Get training and coaching from a Marketing expert

And that’s where I step in. At COACHELLE Global we help you to accomplish your goals by teaching you to think bigger, design your success strategies, implementing more advanced Marketing stuff that I’ve been doing for more than 2 decades now and the latest direct response strategies my US Marketing mentors like Frank Kern teach me in person regularly – when I visit him in San Diego, CA. For big and small companies, solopreneurs and more advanced marketer CEO’s.


Having some automated Marketing systems in place really frees up our time, but more importantly it gets us so confident about our Marketing and converting leads into customers. It takes time, I know, but once you have a few automations in place you wonder why it took you so long…

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