How to make money with your book

{video 4min.} – Do you already have a book or are you in the process of writing a book? Then I bet the question of “how to sell it” crossed your mind. The other day someone who just finished and printed her book asked me “Should I try to make money with it or what should I do with it?”

When you’re not a writer

So here’s the thing. First of all, I believe that when you’re not an “author-author” like, for instance Elizabeth Gilbert, I would say that you won’t get rich from selling your book.

Maybe you’re thinking right now “Yeah but I know people who got really really good money out of it. Why can’t I do that?”.

Nothing is impossible ofcourse, but in general there’s this one thing that makes the difference: Those people already have a huge following!

A fan base makes the difference

They have a client base of thousands of people. They have raving fans who’d buy everything they offer. And they have a big emaillist with hundreds of thousands people on it. And that makes market and selling a book and make good money with it, really easy.

Great, but not groundbreaking

But if you don’t have that, AND – yup, let’s get real here – your book is really great but not the prototype of a groundbraking, innovative masterpiece (don’t worry it’s still great and seriously helpful to a lot of people!) and you are trying to sell your book with the intention to earn a serious income, like any other product for that matter it could get really complicated and to a certain extent dissapointing. Because you put your time, effort, energy, blood, sweat & tears in it.

So what to do then with your book?

Well, this is my Marketing tip for today: You use your book, of course, as a lead magnet! A lead magnet is the first step of your funnel. And actually you can design a really cool “Book-Marketingfunnel”, as my mentor Frank Kern teaches, where you use your book that of course is very interesting to your audience to get leads and get people convert from strangers into clients.

Free or as a self-liquidating offer

And that is how I would suggest to use your book. It’ll mean that you’d probably give it for free or just give it for the shipping cost – what we call in Marketing “self-liquidator” meaning your earn back your cost of producing and shipping.

But not for the price you think it’s worth. Just like me, you’ll probably know a lot of people and entrepreneurs who have boxes full of books that they’re not able to sell. Other than to their friends, a bunch of their clients and the handful of family members that are so friendly to buy them from you.

Converting hig quality leads

So that is my tip for today: Use your book as a lead magnet. It will be so valuable because you’ll be making money at the end of your funnel. That is with your high-priced program, with the core product that you offer. And you’ll use your book ofcourse to get out there as an expert in your field. But it would be a great way to get lots of high quality leads.



So, your assignment is: if you have a book that is collecting dust or a box full of loney books stored in your garage, design your book funnel NOW. Implement and make the impact you’re here to make.

Any thoughts, inspiration or questions? Put it in the comments below!

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