What to do when they don’t buy…

{video 4min.} – I’m in beautiful Oslo, Norway. It’s a really cool place here, with the beautiful fjords in the back.

I travelled from Amsterdam to Oslo to attend a business event where there are lots of fantastic women entrepreneurs like you and me. And I decided to have a little break and shoot a quick video for you on a topic that I believe we all can relate to.

Today I’m giving you my tip about what to do when they don’t buy…

I want to talk about this thing that is what to do when they don’t buy from you.

I spoke to a lot of lovely ladies and of course I asked them :”what is stopping you in your Marketing?” A lot of them said, well you know They don’t buy my stuff!!

They have programs, products, services or whatever and they launched it and then: crickets. No sales.

It happens to the best of us, right? I mean, totally relatable for every entrepreneur I guess.

It causes 3 things, at the least

  1. We get very dissapointed
  2. We get discouraged
  3. We’re kind of insecure of what to do

So when I asked them, what do you think it is they said a lot of things. Like the product launch I did wasn’t good enough, or it was the landing page, an emaillist that’s not big enough, or my website isn’t supporting the products that I have, or maybe my prices are too high.

You see what I mean, right?

We can think of a LOT of things

However, from a Marketing perspective I’d say that about 80% is caused by 2 things.

  1. you have an offer that isn’t fit for your market
  2. You target the wrong audience for the product you have

And those are really two separate things

Because on the one hand you have already an offer and you’re targeting the wrong audience

And the second thing is that you have an audience – maybe an emaillist or a following on social but you offer the wrong thing for them.

It always all comes down to the fit between the offer and the market.

So here’s my tip. If you have this same problem…

First of all: don’t be discouraged! Marketing is all about testing and tweaking. We all have to do that.

And second, go back to your drawing board

that means that if you have already an offer, make your perfect client avatar and be very concise in who it is because then you have a full picture of who you have to target. And then you can choose the right strategies to target them and sales will come!

And second, if you don’t have an offer yet but you have a following, you have an emaillist

I always advice my clients: validate your idea first.

And ideally is that you sell your programs, your products, your services first

…and then make it.

You don’t want to spend months and months creating your offer and then

experiencing that nobody wants it.

So first, sell, validate and then create it. So that’s my tip for you today from a beautiful Oslo, Norway

I’m going back inside to the business event!


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  1. Beatrice on March 12, 2018 at 9:27 am

    Wauw, Sandra, how FAB to see you in those beautiful surroundings of Northern Europe!!!!! Very inspiring video, MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!! xxx Béatrice.

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