How to double your revenue, without getting new clients

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My tip of today is about “How to increase your revenues, without getting new clients.”

I’m Sandra Fisser of, and I help succesful women entrepreneurs who are doing well, but aren’t growing fast enough, to re-invent their business model so it allows for scaling, to set up systems and really put the Marketing on auto-pilot so your business grows even when you’re asleep.

And today my tip is on how to increase the revenue without without getting new clients.

and this is the case:

I had a call with a client of mine, and she’s doing really well. She launched her new program a couple of weeks ago and she filled her group. And she said to me:

You know, Sandra, at the beginning of this year I set the intention to double my income. But how am I supposed to do that?

And ofcourse she was talking from this place of feeling really happy with what’s going on in her business and with the revenue coming in. But also from place of exhaustion and a littlebit of overwhelm. She’s really busy, has a lot of clients, a family and a social life…

And I said to her: Don’t worry. There’s no problem, there are other ways. And we talked about really 2 things:

  1. For her it was that she needed to set up some more systems and really leveraging the technologies that are available. That  would get her off the hook and free up her time so she has more space to enjoy what she’s doing.

  2.  And a 2nd thing was about choosing the marketing strategies that would leverage her existing client base instead of getting new clients.

Because we always think that Marketing is about getting new clients you know but there are other ways like upselling, cross selling, developing new pricing models, asking for higher prices…

So and she said: Can I do that? And I said: yes! We can do that together!

So we worked on that for her, and she was really happy.


So I would like to invite you to think about this. Maybe you have the same experience of that you have enough clients for this moment, but you really would like to get some more revenues. So think about it:

What could you do to increase your revenues based on your current client base?

Please inspire us, put it below in the comments!

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