The key to Marketing consistency

So I have several clients that are at a certain level in their business where they’ve already figured out what people want and they’re able to sell it. So that’s really good. But sales or revenues are sporadic and kind of unreliable. It’s like: Then they have it, then they don’t.

You can imagine what that feels like – and of course it depends on how long you’ve been at it- : you’re either hopeful or you might be feeling really frustrated. Some have had this for years.

You constantly feel strapped for time and money, and you have this feeling that it shouldn’t be this tough.

Let me tell you what the problem is: it’s consistent Marketing. Or actually: inconsistent Marketing.

You have an offer people want, but you don’t have a consistent and reliable way of reaching customers and making sales.

So my guess is that probably you don’t have lead generation or conversion processes in place.


So my tip here is: if this feels like you too, the solution is investing in lead generation and conversion processes.


This is tough, I know- because you already have so little time. And for some of you it sounds like more fun to create some new products.

But when you want to go to your next level, you need to step up and give your business and yourself what it needs and what you deserve.

This means investing your energy, time and money for where you want to be… rather than for where you are.

You really can’t get over this hump until you figure out consistent marketing that sets you up to get to the next stage.

And don’t make it complicated. Rather simplify things!

Cause it only takes 1 traffic strategy and 1 conversion mechanism to get this consistency going and to get really good in it.

Marketing is for that matter all about testing, tweaking, repeating!

So. Please commit yourself to focus on more consistent Marketing processes. Your business will benefit.

But more importantly: It’s time. People are waiting for you and your unique gift…

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