3 Marketing rules that can make/break the sale

Ever wondered what the biggest roadblocks are that can stop prospects from working with you? It comes down to this 3 big Marketing rules that can make or break the sale. Depending on how you fill it in… Let’s dive into it.



So there are a lot of women entrepreneurs who feel very comfortable in giving their prospective clients a lot of options to work with them or buy from them. And a lot is: 3 or more. They’re marketing from the mindset of: “if I offer a bunch of stuff, there will be at least something they’d like and buy/enroll into”. But that’s a huge mistake.

What happens is what I call the “looky, looky”-effect. You know, like they’ll surely be interested but “will think about it”. To never come back, because they bought somewhere else.

Take my word on it: A confused mind never buys. You can’t offer this one and that one and have people choose because they’re not going to know which one is best for them. Here’s a rule of thumb: every time you’re marketing your offer – whether in a 1-1 consultation, a sales event or a webinar, you want to sell just one thing at a time.

It’s okay to have like a: “here’s my program and there’s a basic and an upgrade version”. But please don’t be like: “here’s what I have: my 1 day, my 3 months, my 6 months, my 12 months, my products A,B,C,D,…” Yes, it’s really too much.

Help your prospective clients. Just pick ONE offer and make it the center piece of your conversion event.



It looks like a no-brainer, but think about it. As experts we always know what’s best for our clients, right? So we hear what they say, but then we offer something that never crossed their minds and was never considered an issue. What you get are the big eyes and confused nodding and then you’ll hear something like “amazing…well let me think about it.” And bam, they’re gone.

So here’s the Marketing rule: if you know their problem, sell what they want and give them what they need.



Another misconception is that you shouldn’t  give it your all in the sales process. And there’s a lot of fear that’s holding you back in being your authentic self.

Al lot of women tell me they’re often worried that they give too much away for free. Because that’s what they’ve been reading or told by the big guru’s. You know, giving not to much on the “how” stuff.

Well let me tell you this: it’s all about ENERGY. We are women, remember? I’m from the strand that believes: just be who you are and connect authentically. When you’re an expert you don’t worry about people will doing it themselves once you told them the how. If they could, they would have done it already. And it just positions you like the expert. Think about the cosmetic surgeon. Maybe not your cup of tea, but you’ll get my point: You really want to get a feeling they’re knowing what they’re talking about, right?  So who’s going to win your trust? The one the one that’s holding back, in time, in information, in details? Or the surgeon that takes his/her time to walk you through the process? Remember: Your clients need to know, like and TRUST you before deciding to give it a go.

OK, your turn:

What’s the one thing of the above 3 rules that resonates most with you? How can you tweak your Marketing so to optimize your sales conversion? Share in the comments below…

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