The 6 must-do marketing reviews to rock 2018

We’re almost in the 4th week of this new year now. How has this year started out for you?

Has it been good so far?

Is it different?
Is it better?

Frankly, I’ve been hearing so many women entrepreneurs say that it doesn’t feel like we’re only in the very first weeks of this year at all! 

You know, for some nothing really changed. 

They’ve got al these exciting ideas, sure. But they’re still figuring out what their best next steps should be.

If that’s you , just do this: grab a pen and piece of paper and map out your next 90 days NOW.

Start with the end in mind – that is, pin down your goal – and reverse engineer what Marketing projects REALLY need to be done.

And then work on it until completion.

Doing that alone will give you the confidence that you’re working steadily towards your goals. Whether that is to get 25 new clients or hit a delicious revenue of EUR 50.000, – or whatever your number or currency is – by the end of March.


Before you do that – watch this new, free speed training first: TRAINING VIDEO

I walk you through the 6 must-do marketing reviews that I always do with my clients and that I’d like to share with you. It’s maybe not what you’re used to, I know, but it’ll let you focus on the things that will really kick start your best year yet!

And it’s totally OK to watch this VIDEO for the 6 must-do marketing reviews 2 or 3 times 
😊 .

Here it is. Download the worksheet, watch the training and implement. It’s a gift from me to you. 

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