Why list building using social media is crucial

How big is your list?

A lot of women are EXCELLENT social media users. They’re posting really interesting stuff, do fun FB lives, create a lot of exposure and brand awareness for themselves and their business. Likes are great, shares are super. Beautiful. But did you realize that social media are a great place to grow your leads? And that leads are the fuel to your business? The question I often get is: ok, Sandra, so how do I do that then? I explain here.

But first:

The money is in the list.

First of all, let’s be aware that the money is in our list. An expression you may have heard of. It’s been around for a while and it still is true. Your email list is really the heart of your business.

Publish content to attract leads

I always advice my clients to make a conscious effort to focus on publishing content to attract leads. That means to attract clients to your content to get them interested enough to sign up for free giveaways and thereby grow your list. Ideally your business model is creating multiple info products for your target audience to learn about your specific topic and get more traffic to your website.

Social media are becoming saturated

Because the thing is that social media isn’t enough to get the exposure your business needs. The reason is that it’s really becoming saturated. You know what I mean. So you still need an email list to get the response to your offers that is big enough to make the conversions into clients.

Expand your reach

If you ask me, social media is a great way to build relationships and make connections. For the more experienced social media strategists among us business owners, it’s even great to sell programs, products and services. But when you pair social media with an email list, you will even more expand your reach.

Have a list to do the selling

In the case that you have no clue how to sell on social media, and that might be the case because with social media it’s really about being social in stead of selling. And using those platform for selling purposes requires some more of your tactics skills and a strategic plan, you definitely need to have a list to do the selling. So you either drive traffic from social media directly to an opt-in or to your website where people can opt-in.

What to offer?

Free giveaways can increase your list size. But make sure the giveaways are in line with your topic so it will work to your advantage.


Example: As a Marketing Strategist and Business Breakthrough expert I help you to get to your next level and I have a unique, proven 9-step process to help you with that. Every free giveaway I offer is related to one of those steps so it’ll help you to move forward in your business. 


How to use Facebook to increase your list size

The number-one way to grow your email list is with consistent giveaways you offer in FB. You can either drive traffic to an opt-in for a webinar, to get a download of an e-book etc. Or you can also use the so called FB offers on your page – kind of discounts you offer to clients to drive traffic to your online shop or website or offline store – and from there make it into and add.

In conclusion, keep in mind when active on social media, when you do your awesome posting or FB lives, think about the purpose of listbuilding. It’s really crucial. So find ways to do deliberate do that and you will see that your list will grow dramatically and if you follow up on that list with your offers, your revenue will increase exponentially.

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