How to attract prequalified perfect clients without chasing them


“I don’t chase clients”, I told her. You don’t? she asked. “Nope. I focus on attracting clients who want to work with me. And therefore contact me, instead of me contacting them.”

“Makes sense…”, she said hesitantly and continued “…but you still can call her, right?” trying to persuade me into calling someone who knows someone who apparently was in an urgent need of a Marketing coach.

And that’s when I explained.

I don’t chase clients. And I don’t work with clients or those who don’t match my definition of an ideal client.


Well, it makes doing business more EASY, FUN and PROFITABLE! That’s why!

And don’t get me wrong. I do hustle. I do follow up (automated, that is). But I just don’t do the chasing, like I did when I started out my business.

Cause to me chasing clients is actually like being a moth fluttering desperately in search of work and business. And that doesn’t feel good, right? It’s like taking action from a place of lack – which is NEVER helpful to any Marketing activity!

Do it long enough and you’ll get exhausted, discouraged, feeling out of control. You think you’ll be needing hard selling techniques to convince them to work with YOU. Or even to get on the phone with you.

I never recommend chasing.


But instead, do your Marketing well and…

….you won’t need to sell hard.

…clients will come to YOU, in stead of you calling them.

…you just follow-up on them by bringing tons of VALUE, in stead of not knowing who to chase next (with or without being lucky).

…and they will knock on your door PRE-QUALIFIED, asking you how they can work with you and when you have time. You’ll feel able to say no, if you know that the client isn’t really a good fit for your skills or the way you like to work.


Because that’s the whole idea behind working with PERFECT CLIENTS: That they are grateful and appreciative of your abilities and attention.

Your aim as an entrepreneur is to develop the recognition as THE expert. Actually, as the CELEBRITY in your niche!

Sounds good, right? So how to  reach this level?

It all starts by picking your POND!!

Ask yourself: “Would you rather be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond?”

If you have the, what I call “scarcity mindset” you’d probably answer that if you are the small fish in a big pond you at least won’t be running out of potential clients, right?

Well, consider this: if you are worried that attracting perfect clients is difficult, being a BIG fish in a small pond solves your problem!

This is what’s known as a blue ocean: a market with underserved and affluent clients. Finding a blue ocean that matches your skills and preferences can supercharge your business.

So just market well, and they’ll come to you almost effortless. No chasing or hard selling required…

“I totally get you”, she said. “Now I understand. And to be honest, the person I spoke with who told me about her  friend who…well you know,  I had the feeling she was just making conversation. It would probably wasting your time after all…”



Have you picked your pond and identified your fish or are you stuck in the scarcity mindset trying to chase everyone and market the hard way?